Hayley (Luoyu) Zhang, Flora Zhao, James Ardouin and Annabel de Mestre

The SRC in its September meeting approved a budget of $650 for the next year. While not much, this is the first time that the Residential College Officers have ever received a budget and we are thankful to Dane Luo and Niamh Callinan (Vice-President, General Secretary respectively) for the preparation of this. We would like to ask any College Residents to send us ideas for how they would like this to be spent, we can be contacted at residential.college@src.usyd.edu.au.

Members of the Executive attended the Rally and Panel for stopping sexual assaults on campus, we thank WoCo for hosting these events. Members also attended the Climate Strike last month and we would like to encourage Students to get involved in this important issue, which effects all of us.

The Collective Held its first AGM on the 8th, the following were elected to positions at the meeting:

Deputy-Chair/Vice-President: Annabel De Mestre (Womens)
Secretary: Caitlin-Alyssa Brown (Wesley)
Treasurer: Holly McDonald (Womens)
Social Director: Saurav Bansal (Johns)
Engagement Director: Nicholas Comino (Pauls)

Noting that the Chairperson and Co-Residential College Officer, James Ardouin will resign effective the 21st of October. I would like to thank everyone who helped over the last year in establishing the fledgling Collective, we have a long way to go but already we have started to make a difference which is all I could’ve hoped for when I planned creating the Collective.

Consent Module/Environment Accord
The Collective will also be starting dialogue with the Environment Officers to design both an intercollege Environment accord, focussing on waste, energy use and sustainability. The Wom*ns Officers/Sexual Harassment Officers have also been contacted regarding designing a functional Consent Module for 2020 Colleges O-Week.

Regulations Changes
The Collective has submitted an amendment of the SRC Regulations to ensure that the Residential College Officers must be College students in the future, in order to preserve the Collectives Autonomy. As the October SRC meeting did not achieve quorum, we intend to still attempt to pass this at the November SRC meeting.