Hayley (Luoyu) Zhang, Flora Zhao, James Ardouin and Annabel de Mestre

The Residential College Officers can report the following activities have happened in April-May within the newly created InterCol Collective.

The Intercollegiate Collective Executive Committee met on the 11th of April for the first time, which was a productive meeting. Three matters were agreed by Collectives Executive that are imperative to the future direction of the relationship between the SRC, Residents of Colleges and the wider University Community:

Additional Officers of the Collective have been appointed since the last report: Dane Luo and Niamh Callinan to the Constitutional Standing Committee, who shall serve as independent oversight to the activities of the Collective. The Chairperson has also appointed Nicholas Comino to the Office of Treasurer (former Vice-President Gender & Sexuality at the University of Queensland Union). Also Saurav Bansal as Social Director of the Collective (delegate and Social Secretary to St. Johns College).

The Residential College Officers and Collective look forward to working hard for College students over the next coming months and bridging the gap between the Intercol Community and the wider University in accordance to the recommendations of the Broderick report.