Queerkat Collective Report

When Holly and I first talked about the idea of an autonomous non- cis male collective last year, I don’t think we ever could have imagined the huge success Queerkats would ultimately turn out to be. While both of us felt incredibly connected to and cared a lot about QuAC, we were both fairly dissatisfied with the cis male dominance of the collective and the lack of effort or success in fixing it or even acknowledging that it was
a problem.

That first Queerkats meeting was incredibly nerve-wracking! But so many people came along, many who we’d never seen before in QuAC, and there seemed to be a real sense of excitement for this new collective. Though numbers haven’t remained quite as high as those first few meetings, consistent attendance has led to the creation of a wonderfully vibrant and dynamic collective with such dedicated and amazing members. It has become more of a community than I ever could have expected or hoped for.
Beyond that, I am very proud of how active we have managed to be for such a new collective. Our most recent endeavour is planning an Art Party for the end of semester. To be held at the Red Rattler on Wednesday the 29th of October (Wk 13), it will aim to celebrate and showcase the creativity and scope of non-normative queer experiences. We are always looking for new perspectives! If you would like to submit an artwork or perform please contact the Queer Officers at queer.officers@src.usyd.edu.au.

Queerkats is obviously not perfect, and we still have a long way to go in terms of representing as many identities as we can. But it’s undeniable success just goes to show the number of wonderful people willing and eager to be involved in the queer community, if only it were open and welcoming to the diversity of experience that may fall under the queer umbrella. Queerkats will continue to work towards becoming a more inclusive collective, and I look forward to our community only growing as a result.

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