Queer Officer’s Report – o-week, Sem 1, 2018

Jazzlyn Breen

Hello and welcome to the new uni year to everyone except our anti same sex marriage vice chancellor Michael Spence! Hope you’re all ready for 9 am lectures and spending $300 on textbooks in one go! We’re definitely not!\

Quac has been super busy over the holidays – both politically and in preparing for O week. As always we’ve had some very strong and passionate contingents to rallies – standing behind some very nice banners we have painted.

Members of our collective attended the annual Australian student environmental network (ASEN) training camp in Minto, where we participated in a variety of workshops on things such as how to organise collectives effectively and decolonisation. Overall it was an incredible week long camp which absolutely prepared and inspired us for another year of effective activism.

If you’re reading this completely unsure what Quac is, let me try and explain in the best way I can. First and foremost we are an autonomous politically active collective who organise around queer issues and participate in other social justice and environmental campaigns. We are intersectional in our activism, as we know that all oppression is linked, and that there is no pride for some of us without liberation for all of us. Over the holidays we’ve had members of our collective on the front lines blocking coal trains to stop Adani, busy organising rallies for invasion day, standing outside abortion clinics to ward off angry Catholics from harassing women – and so many other incredible things. We are a collective that values our members for each of there strengths and passions, and would encourage any queer person reading this to join us. Find us on Facebook “usyd queer action collective” or send us an email “queer.officers@uni.sydney.edu.au” and we’ll let you know how to get involved.

We’re super excited for another year of queer activism! Last year we won marriage equality- let’s keep going until we have true equality.