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Published by the Students’ Representative Council since 1929, Honi Soit plays a vital role in enriching Sydney Uni’s campus community by giving a voice to student issues and interests.

Honi Soit is distributed FREE at all Sydney University campuses weekly during semester making it the only weekly student print publication in Australia. Click here to view the latest print edition online. Honi Soit is also published all-year-round online at honisoit.com.

In 2016, Sydney Uni Library conducted a massive operation to digitise of a large portion of the back set of the Honi Soit print editions in its collection (1929-1990). You can view the collection here. Here is the library’s explanation about the need to to preserve and sustain the older editions of the newspaper, which are deteriorating due to the age, and a need to provide alternative methods of access to the content.

You can also go to our Issuu home page to use that platform to see issues from the last few years.

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2021 advertising bookings are available. Plan ahead your media campaign and book in prime positions now! Limited advertising space is available in each edition and all bookings are on first come first served basis.

To place an advertisement, email or fax your completed 2021 Honi Soit Booking Form to:
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SRC Orientation & Countercourse Handbook 2021

Orientation Handbook and Countercourse is your SRC’s radical no-bullshit guide to the University of Sydney.

Entering USyd can be difficult. Administration is infamously centralised, course requirements notoriously difficult to pin down, and the website curiously free of any and all useful information. At the same time, the very quality and future of your education is being eroded at both the Federal and University level. Navigating all of this on top of your studying and rest of your life can be mind-numbingly frustrating and demoralising.

This is where we come in. We are your General Secretaries, and Education Officers, and we have put together this handbook for you, full of the most useful information which you need to thrive during your time at USyd. This includes the basics, what the SRC is and where to get the best coffee on campus, and the vital, where to go to for help, the state of activism at USyd, and navigating Centrelink.

University looks different for everyone. We recommend getting involved in the struggles happening around you, and fighting for your rights alongside your fellow students. You can find out about how to get involved in this very handbook.

Whatever you do during your time at university, the SRC is here to help you. Come visit us in the Wentworth building, or get in touch over email or Facebook.

Editor Contacts:
General Secretary Email: general.secretary@src.usyd.edu.au
SRC Facebook Page: @USydSRC
Education Officers Email: education.officers@src.usyd.edu.au
Education Action Group Facebook Page: @SydneyUniEducationActionGroup

Growing Strong, Women’s Handbook 2021

We hope this edition of Growing Strong brings you a new perspective and ignites new possibilities for your 2021. Here’s to all the good trouble-making ahead for us.

The Sydney Uni Women’s Collective remains committed to radical feminist education and organising whether that be learning how to respond to crises in our communities without police and prisons, global feminist histories, or anti-capitalist futures. Our deepest gratitude to the editors, writers and artists who pulled this edition together over the summer:

Alex Mcleay, Anh Nguyen, Anonymous, Anya Doan, Brianna Bullivant, Donnalyn Xu, Ellie Wilson, Ellie Zheng, Emma Cao, Georgia Mantle, Honey Christensen, Iggy Boyd, Jazzlyn Breen, Kate Scott, Keira Fairley, Kowther Qashou, Lia Perkins, Mali Hermans, Misbah Ansari, Priya Gupta, Ranuka Tandan, Shani Patel, Vivienne Guo.

Cover of Embers publication

EMBERS 2021 – Enviro supplement with Honi Soit: Week 11, Semester 1, 2021

Hello there! Welcome to Embers 2021, an Honi pull-out written, designed, edited and laid-up by members of the USYD Environment Collective. Embers serves as a way for the Collective to reach those who we can’t reach through our regular meetings and activism, we hope to educate and inspire the student body on the topic of radical environmentalism. We believe that this goal is reflected in our feature piece: ‘The Necessity of Anti-Capitalism in the Climate Movement’ by Tiger Perkins who reflects on the politics of radical environmentalism and demonstrates the power of student environmental activism respectively.

We chose to release Embers at this time to give students a greater understanding of the climate movement as it stands in the lead up to the May 21 Climate Strike; its politics, demands and interactions with society more broadly. We hope that in our articles, our art and our poetry we can facilitate not only a greater understanding of environmentalism, but also nurture the wider development of radical student environmental activism. We hope you enjoy and find this as inspiring as we do!

In love and solidarity,

The Editors