HONI SOIT – Sydney University’s student newspaper since 1929 

Published by the SRC since 1929, Honi Soit plays a vital role in enriching Sydney Uni’s campus community by giving a voice to student issues and interests.

Honi Soit is distributed FREE at all Sydney University campuses weekly during semester making it the only weekly student print publication in Australia. Click here to view the latest print edition online. Honi Soit is also published all-year-round online at honisoit.com.

Honi Soit Online Archives:
Sydney Uni Library historical archive (1929-1990)
Recent Editions Archive (2006 – present)

SRC Orientation & Counter Course Handbook 2022

Welcome to your radical guide of the University of Sydney. This handbook gives you an overview of the messy administration burden that is USyd, and the challenges you might face throughout your degree. We also introduce you the history of activism on campus, and ways that you can get involved today by connecting with the Usyd Education Action Group. This publication is written and produced by office bearers, staff and friends of the SRC, the organisation that funds student activism, a free casework and legal service and much more. Happy reading!

General Secretaries: Alana Ramshaw & Grace Lagan
Education Officers: Lia Perkins, Deaglan Godwin:

GROWING STRONG, Women’s Handbook 2022

We hope this edition of Growing Strong brings you a new perspective and ignites new possibilities for your 2022. Here’s to all the good trouble-making ahead for us.

The Sydney Uni Women’s Collective remains committed to radical feminist education and organising whether that be learning how to respond to crises in our communities without police and prisons, global feminist histories, or anti-capitalist futures. Our deepest gratitude to the editors, writers and artists who pulled this edition together over the summer:

Women’s Officers: Madeleine Clark, Monica McNaught-Lee

COMBUST 2022 – Enviro Collective Zine

Welcome to Combust 2022! This is an annual magazine written, edited, designed and produced by members of the USYD Enviro Collective. Combust serves as a way for the collective to reach those who we can’t reach through our regular meetings and activism. We hope to inspire as well as collectively facilitate the education of the student body on the topic of radical environmentalism.

This year the zine features four main parts: an evidence base; political theory; disruption, power and praxis; and enviro arts and culture. ‘An evidence base’ provides some background on climate science, USYD’s relationship with fossil fuels, federal climate politics and COP26. The political theory section hopes to encapsulate the radical, theoretical foundations of the Enviro Collective. In ‘Disruption, power and praxis,’ the writers focus on historical radicalism, student power and how to protest. Finally, the arts and culture section highlights some of our favourite climate-themed art and books.

Environment Officers: Ishbel Dunsmore, Tiger Perkins, Angus Dermody