Jacky He

Physical Campaign starts this week!

Monday marked the start to SRC annual election’s physical campaign. I wish all the teams running for SRC the best of luck on their campaign trails. Please be aware to stay safe, and avoid any situations where a WHS issue may arise. Please be mindful that the rest of the students who are not involved in the election still needs to go to class and use the stairs – make sure that you do not campaign on or around the stairs and keep the space open for students who are trying to go through. Lastly, debates are acceptable however physical violence is not acceptable, and any use of discriminatory or abusive languages are also not acceptable.

Elections are also a very stressful period of time. If you are encountering situations where you feel that you are extremely stressed or experiencing mood fluctuations, please make sure that you call 8627 8433, or E-mail CAPS at caps.admin@sydney.edu.au.