President’s Report – Week 5, Sem 2, 2016

Chloe Smith

It’s been another busy week at your SRC! SRC activists helped to organise and build the SCA rally on Wednesday, which saw an amazing turnout from both Callan Park and main campus students! SCA students and staff voted overwhelmingly to go on strike for the day and attend the protest, calling on the university to ensure the continued provision of vital facilities and resources for their courses, and guarantee no staff or course cuts. There’s plenty more to come so watch this space!

I also attended a workshop with some of the SRC’s casework staff around consultation regarding the new special consideration process. As regular readers of Honi know, this follows many meetings with university management to convey the concerns raised by members of the student body about their challenging experiences with the new system. This will be an ongoing process but I’m proud to say that the fight to make special consideration fair and accessible for all is a key objective of this year’s office bearing team, and will be until the job is done. Always remember to get in touch with our casework team if you have any concerns.

The SRC also raised some important issues on students’ behalf at this week’s Academic Board meeting, including special consideration, lecture recording availability, and academic honesty procedures. The SRC has pushed for a university-wide lecture recording policy for many years, yet some lecturers are still opting out of the system for reasons that will put many students at a disadvantage, especially those juggling multiple work and study commitments, or students with disabilities.

Myself and other student representatives also had the honour of attending the Rainbow Wedding on Tuesday, hosted by many queer action collectives and groups. The event celebrated the LGBTIQ+ community and also called on the university to make some changes to further our goal of equality for all on campus, including making it easier for trans students to change their names and pronouns on class lists and university administration, and coming out publicly in support of marriage equality!

Finally, remember the NDA is happening next Wednesday! This is an opportunity to make it clear to the university, the government, and broader society that students value our education and won’t be taken for granted. 1pm August 24th outside Fisher Library – money for higher education, not corporate tax evasion! Enjoy week 5!