Malicious Attack on Ethnocultural Student on 8 August

Last Thursday, on the 8th of August, Honi Soit has reported an incident where a 30-40 years old man spat on and physically attacked a Chinese identifying students on campus. This is a severe safety concern and I have raised this with the University, seeking for a meeting with them to protect the safety of all ethnocultural students on campus to prevent cases like this happening in the future.

We strongly condemn the person who has decided to take such extremist and abusive action against our students – especially a student who has come from a minority background. This kind of behaviour is absolute appalling and nowhere near acceptable. We call on the University to act on this issue, send consolation to the injured student and make sure his rights to remain safe on campus is protected, and condemn the person who has not only entered University premise without former notice, but also carried out such an obscene action of violence.

If any student feels threatened by this incident and is mentally distressed, please contact the University of Sydney Counselling and Psychology Services (CAPS) on 8627 8433. If you encounter any situation where you feel you are placed under danger, please call 9351 3333 to contact campus security and inform them about your location and situation.

French Model Review Implementation Group

The University is currently in the process of examining the French Model Code and its implementation in the University of Sydney campus – following a recently finished investigation into speech freedom issues at Higher Education Institutions. The University is also looking for feedback from students on the French Model Code and any comments relating to speech freedom and academic freedom on campus. If you have any thoughts, please E-mail them to We strongly appreciate your feedback.

Jacky He