Jacky He

Condolence to Victims of University of Carolina Shooting

On 30th of April 2019, another incidence of shooting occurred at the University of North Carolina Charlotte in the United States. It is with extreme grief and torture to hear that young lives are again taken by the evil that is infesting the society. The SRC condemns all forms of evil, racism, discrimination, and revenge, and in this case, the SRC strongly condemns the shooter who allegedly took away the lives of two students. My condolences reach out to all the victims involved in the shooting tragedy and other members of the University of North Carolina Charlotte.

Health Day

Health Day at Cumberland Campus was held very successfully last week. It was very delightful for me to introduce both myself and the SRC to students at the campus, engage with them and distribute lunch to students visiting our stalls. The students responded highly positively to our visit, and some commended the SRC’s continuous effort in reaching out to satellite campuses. I would like to express a sincere thank you to our Vice President and our passionate caseworker team for organising and running the event.

Recommendations on Code of Conduct Policies

Do you have any thoughts or suggestions on the current code of conduct policies? A copy of the current Code of Conduct Policy (2005) can be viewed here:

If you have any recommendations of what you think should be on the code of conduct policy, please let us know by sending an E-mail to president@src.usyd.edu.au or dropping us a message through our Facebook page.

Thematic Review Student Interviews

The University is currently looking for undergraduate students to participate in their Thematic Review interviews on internships and placement programs. If you are interested to share your relevant experiences or give some feedbacks on how to enhance student career and employability, please send an E-mail to president@src.usyd.edu.au to express your interest in attending the interviews.