Welcome Everyone!

Welcome back to Semester 2! Hope everyone had a restful holiday and took some time to explore the world beyond University. For all students who are just starting at the University of Sydney, welcome, and hope you have a great first week and an enjoyable journey at the University and all the best with your studies. For all students who are here on exchange, I wish you an amazing experience exploring the local culture of Australia, and enjoy yourself as much as you can!

Welcome Day

Engaging in clubs and societies and signing up for their memberships are the best ways to meet like-minded people and form strong relationships at University. Each faculty has their own society, as well as various cultural societies, sports societies and music societies as well. Hope everyone had lots of opportunities to interact with the societies that you wanted to join and got to have a feel of how exciting campus life can be!

Casework and Legal Service

Students may face a variety of different issues at the beginning of the semester, especially matters relating to accommodation, subject selection and Centrelink. But don’t worry, the SRC is here to help! If you are seeking for any help related to academic appeal, msconduct, special consideration, tenancy and Centrelink, please contact 9660 5222 to book in to see our caseworker. You may also E-mail our caseworkers at help@src.usyd.edu.au to enquire any relevant queries. If you are involved in court matters, traffic offences, violence or having issues with visa, please contact 9660 5222 to book in with our solicitor. All our services are free to all undergraduate students at the University of Sydney.