Sydney University management have just announced massive restructuring, which is likely to see dozens of degrees and courses cut. Vice Chancellor Michael Spence has said that he wants the university to move towards the ‘Melbourne Model’ where students have less options for undergrad, and are forced into more expensive post-grad degrees to get an actual qualification. The Melbourne Model itself was based on the US education system.

This will also mean that hundreds of general and academic staff jobs will be threatened and lost. It is crucial for students to support and fight alongside staff in their campaign against job cuts and the undermining of their conditions and pay.

If the changes at Sydney Uni go through, it will make it easier for other universities to do the same.

These proposed restructures go hand in hand with Pyne’s national plans to introduce a US style system, which is still on the cards. Despite being voted down twice in the Senate, fee deregulation was in the latest budget, as were cuts to university funding and attacks on young people and welfare.

The National Union of Students and the NSW Education Action Group call on STUDENTS ACROSS NSW to rally on August 19th at Sydney University to defend our degrees, and to oppose all course cuts, job cuts and deregulation.

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