Hey Abe,

I’m super stressed because I muddled up the times of my exams and have missed one. I was very well prepared and did quite well in the assessments. How can I get a chance to do the exam?


Hey Muddled,

I am sorry to hear about your mix up. It is completely understandable that you would make a mistake while you are stressed and busy. However, the University does not consider this to be a sufficient explanation of why you missed the exam. If prior to the exam you were very unwell (including mentally unwell due to stress or anxiety) you would see a GP on the day of your exam and get a PPC to show that you were “very severely” affected by your illness, or “completely unable to study”. You could then apply for special consideration, within 3 working days of the exam, which may allow you to complete the replacement exam. Alternatively, you could try contacting your subject coordinator to see if they are willing to make some sort of informal alternative for you. This is not usually possible, but it is certainly worth asking.