Mariana Podestá-Diverio thinks sports is cool but please don’t stop reading at this sentence. Also, citrus.

The management of Sydney University Sport and Fitness (SUSF) are gluttonous corporate scumbags and it disgusts me that their organisation is the recipient of the largest amount of SSAF money every year.

SSAF, as many of you know, is a fee you pay or defer at the start of every academic year. This money gets distributed to the different student organisations around campus, including the SRC, SUPRA (postgrad) and the USU among others. I’ve rambled about this a lot, but it bears repeating. The SRC, who publishes this newspaper, provides a free legal and casework service funded by your SSAF money. This is how we give back to students. Even the USU is accessible, despite the requirement of an Access card to get discounts. They provide an extensive social program and there’s something for everyone. Sure, the term “Funch” for their “fun at lunch” program is seriously misguided and downright absurd, but it’s so ridiculous you’ve got to give them some comic credit, those scamps.

SUSF, however, gets millions of dollars of student money every year and doesn’t give anything back. Memberships cost $60 per year, but you have to buy an additional gym pass on top of this in order to access facilities. These come at different ‘bronze’, ‘silver’, and ‘gold’ levels, and cost several hundreds of dollars per year. I came to this horrid realisation in second year, having purchased an SUSF membership in order to participate in the Canoe Club’s activities (they were better days, yes), only to find out that my card literally got me nothing else.

Why does SUSF get so much money? Because it looks good when our university produces athletes that compete on an international stage. It’s bloody good marketing. I’m not saying people shouldn’t receive funding for their athletic pursuits, but these pursuits should be funded directly by the university or purely though SUSF’s commercial operations. SSAF money should be for student organisations only, and calling SUSF a student organisation is a farce.

Boycott SUSF. Go to Victoria Park gym instead if you want to go to a gym. Or abstain from travelling with anything with a motor and buy some hand weights. SUSF is Satan.

On a lighter note: mandarin season is around the corner. Remember that the best way to tell if a mandarin will be delicious is by piercing the fleshy north pole bit ever so slightly with your thumbnail and raising it to your nostrils for a whiff.

Prosperity, comrades, and purity. Till next we speak.

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