Fighting cuts to higher education

The federal government’s decision to cut $2.3 billion out of higher education funding is a disgrace. The idea that the only way we can fund public education is by robbing Peter to pay Paul – to cut university funding and student support, in order to boost Gonski  – is absurd. It’s definitely going to see […]

The Disabilities and Carers Collective have a few exciting things on their agenda

Student Carers We’ve changed our name to the ‘Disabilities and Carers Collective’ to highlight the issue and campaign for the recognition of and support of hidden student carers on campus. Student carers often have difficulty balancing their university, work and care commitments and are more likely to have low participation and success in education and […]

Kyol Blakeney lets us know how Sydney University has dealt with Indigenous issues

In 1965 this University made history by having Australia’s first Aboriginal graduate, Uncle Charlie Perkins. Since then, there have been various points in the University’s history which directly affects Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in mainly positive however sometimes negative ways. Reflecting back over the past few years it seems to me like there […]

EduFactory! Disassembling the Neoliberal University

From Thursday the 25th to Sunday the 28th of April, the Sydney University Students’ Representative Council (SRC) will be holding the 2013 “EduFactory! – Disassembling the Neoliberal University” Conference. The conference organising collective, of which Tenaya and myself are part of, states that: “EduFactory! aims to bring together radical education activists from around the country […]

Pinching from Peter to pay Paul

As General Secretary of the SRC and as a student I kind of have a responsibility to call it how I see it in terms of Higher Education. This week, the Government announced a reduction in university funding by $900 million, changes to Start Up Scholarships so that they are repaid once you earn a […]

David Pink is not happy about $2.3 billion in cuts to higher education funding

So I woke up yesterday to find out that the Education Minister had decided to strip $2.3 billion out of higher education funding. Why has the government decided to initiate the single biggest cut to the university sector since 1996? To fund Gonski. So basically the Federal government’s response to a funding crisis in the […]

The importance of autonomy

I have a lot of people ask me why women’s collective and the women’s room are only for women. Often these people are supportive and enthusiastic men who describe themselves as feminists; sometimes they are women who believe their male feminist friend should be able to come to meetings with them. Firstly, there is often […]

Marijke Hoving let’s us know about the refugee rights campaign

This is a particularly crucial year for the refugee rights campaign. With the return to the dark days of Howard’s Pacific Solution and the looming federal election, we need all the support we can get to fight for humane refugee policies that welcome boats, rather than deter them. The reintroduction of offshore processing last year […]

Emily Rayers talks about colleges and the NUS ‘Talk About It’ survey

CLEO magazine may not be the most traditional source of reliable or feminist journalism but this month’s Undercover at O-Week feature certainly hit the nail on the head for me. While news coverage of college culture always involves an element of sensationalism and relies on a weird fascination with young adults as opposed to genuine […]

Education Activists tell us about industrial action in USYD and beyond.

No apologies. No regrets. The actions of the last few weeks shocked some people. They went beyond the polite pattern of protest in the university. Many people wanted an argument coherent to their liberal sensibilities of freedom of choice promoted in the neo-liberal orthodoxy. We are expected to maintain a polite relativism but there is […]