Kyol Blakeney wants you to have a think about your future.

As the semester picks up momentum and uni begins to take over your life, I want you to have a think about your future. Upon enrolling into university, many of you would have selected to pay for it through HECS. By the time you read this report the Senate may have already voted on the new reforms by the Liberal
Government regarding the deregulation of universities. This means that universities can charge what they want for your degree and sentence multiple
minority groups, and many other underprivileged students, to be in debt for life.

The Government’s hypocritical and regressive approach to higher education is damaging for students from almost every walk of life. It takes away opportunities from those who must spend large amounts of money to travel to uni from rural regions, from those of inherently disadvantaged backgrounds, such as Indigenous students, from those who will struggle later on in life as a result of their sexual orientation, and wom*n who already experience the bare brunt of the gender pay gap and therefore would take longer to pay off their debt to their university.

The vote could go two ways this week; for, or against. Either way I encourage you to take a stand on the 25th March for the National Day of Action. If the bill is voted up and you believe that a quality education is a right and not a privilege, march with us to call for the death of deregulation. If the bill is voted down, march with us calling for a free education system. If we have enough money to fund the killing of innocent people around the world, then we have enough to help people in our homeland and build the future of our country for the next generation.

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