Jay Ng explains two issues that are particularly relevant to USYD international students

Last week, the SRC had a council meeting and there was a motion being discussed that is important for international students:
The SRC urges the Dean of each Faculty of the University to exercise their discretion and allow the international students who are members of the Council as defined by Part One of the SRC regulations, to study part time should such requests are made and their memberships to the Council are verified by the President of the SRC.


The President of the SRC to verify a person’s membership to the Council as defined by Part One of the SRC regulations upon request.
It had been pointed out by a few council members that this motion is not viable due to the fact that international students’ study visas to Australia have restrictions in terms of study load and work hours. (International students must study full-time, no less than 4 units of study and work no more than 40 hours a fortnight). However, as an international student, I support this motion in the sense that international students should have their own freedom to choose the study load they desire to engage in – especially when we are paying ~$12,000 per semester. It has been absolutely difficult for the other international students officers and I to carry out campaigns to help international students having to balance between university work and SRC campaigns. Therefore, I am hoping that there will be more discussions open on this subject matter and see what could be done. Please feel free to send the SRC an email to let us know your opinions.

Alan Jones’ Comment on Boston Bombing: Alan Jones has made a ridiculous comment on the Boston Bombing tragedy on Channel 7 Sunrise the other day. He links the tragic incident to foreign students, gave a racist presumption that the foreign student population initiated the bombing and that the Australian government has to keep an eye on foreign students.

His statement is completely horrific and inaccurate. The SRC International Students Collective thinks that it harms the relationship between the local Australian community and the huge international population. We strongly believe international students from all over the world come to Australia for the quality education and a different life experience. Education service for international students is an important and growing industry in Australia that cannot be undermined. Recent statistics show international students contribute an estimate $15 billion per year to the Australian economy. Furthermore, international students do not solely contribute to Australia’s financial benefits. The population helps shape the nation’s multiculturalism, contributes to labour and volunteering as well.

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