Jay Ng & Bowie Yau update you on keeping safe in Sydney

Welcome (back) to the second semester everyone.

Safety Issues

We would like to inform you about a serious attack and robbery last week in Perth. A Japanese international student was threatened with a knife by two offenders and was badly beaten at 6:20pm, as he was walking home.
As it is still winter time, sunsets really early, pay special attention to any suspicious activities or people around you when walking alone in the dark. Please be aware that listening to devices such as MP3 players or talking on phones may be distracting and hinder your ability to be aware of dangers in your own environment. If you are on campus at night and feel unsafe, you can contact our campus security (phone no.). Walk in well-lit and regularly used areas of the campus, as well as using the free shuttle bus to and from Redfern Station. If you have experienced physical danger or threats, please do not be afraid to contact to the police or other relevant services.

For more information, check out the City of Sydney flyer.

Council of International Students Australia

The international students collective has attended the CISA conference over the break. It was an insightful event and we would like to welcome their new president, Thomson Ch’ng. Our collective has been working with Mr. Ch’ng and he is the best and professional candidate to represent all international students. CISA is a non-profit organization that aims to unify and help all international students. If you are interested in connecting with them and joining their events such as International Students Leadership Program, check out cisa.edu.au.



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