International Officers – Week 4, Sem 1, 2018

Mengwei Yuan, Yi Man, Zimiao Gao and Zhuonan Li

Welcome the new students to our big university family! The international department will focus on the international students’ experience at university this year. To achieve the better interaction both among international students themselves and with local students, we will continue to work on the development and growth of our International Students Collective. On the O-week, many international students have shown their interest about the university community. The increase of the involvement of university community and the participation in campus activities among international students will be the trend for 2018.We are also running an opal concession campaign currently, which aims to provide international students right to use the concession opal card. On the orientation week, we have gathered more than 300 signatures for petition. We will continue to gather the signature through the semester.

The petition could be signed in the SRC stall which will be set in front of the Carslaw building weekly.We are planning for the activities this year and they will come soon! Wish you have a wonderful semester!