Indigenous Officer’s Report – Week 3, Sem , 2016

Georgia Mantle

“The past few weeks have been filled with a number of rallies. First we had the Sydney Black Lives Matter rally to stand in solidarity with Black Americans who still suffer under the oppression of white supremacy. As the rally was held in Australia it also included the suffering of Black and Indigenous Australians as the organisers demanded justice for the victims of death in custody, for the end of racist policy like the Northern Territory Intervention and a stop to the ongoing stolen generations. It was amazing to see a great turn out to this rally and to be able to listen to the inspiring speakers.

Last week Australia took to social media to express their disgust over the recent Four Corners expose of Don Dale Prison and it’s treatment of Indigenous children in detention. The sad thing about this is for Indigenous Australia this is nothing new, we have been talking about this for years yet it took white media to suddenly get people to listen and acknowledge the suffering. Last Saturday hundreds of people turned out to take stand against the injustice. We heard our strong Indigenous leaders speak about their suffering and devastation under the colonial system that is Australia that still sees it’s First Nations people pushed aside. We then all marched to parliament house to demand our “leaders” take real action and not just do a Royal Commission that will not lead to real change (See the last failure of a Royal Commission into deaths in custody)
Thursday was Aboriginal Children’s days and once again we took to the streets to protest against the on going removal of Indigenous Children and the suffering that occurs in out of home “care” the rally was organised by the amazing and inspiring ‘Grandmothers Against Removals’. It was heart breaking to hear the stories of these women’s experiences with having their children and grandchildren taken away from them.

A strong message that came through from these rallies was it is not enough to just come out and march in a reactionary way after seeing something like Four Corners rather what is needed is committed allies they listen and learn rather then assuming they know what is best.
Some upcoming events that may be of interest is, ‘Whiteness and Aboriginal Solidarity’ happening on the 11th of August at 7:30pm at the Waterloo Tent Embassy. “