If you do not satisfy the University’s progression requirements (e.g., WAM of 50, failed same unit twice, failed practical), you may be asked to “show good cause” as to why you should continue studying your degree. If you are already on a progression ‘stage’ or if you believe you are going to fail a compulsory or practical unit of study, consider what you need to do with these exams and during the summer break to help your situation.

Decide if you want to continue in that degree. If you would rather do something else talk to an SRC Caseworker about how to best “withdraw” from your course. Keep in mind that any changes to your enrolment may impact your Centrelink payments or your student visa.

If you want to continue in your course you will need to write about four things:

  • The problems that impacted your studies;
  • The effect of these problems (what actually happened – such as not being able to attend class; not able to complete assignments at home; could not concentrate in class);
  • Your solutions to address these problems; and
  • Extra measures you are taking to make sure you pass every subject from now on (e.g., attending Faculty workshops, using Learning Hub resources, creating a daily timetable).

You will need documented proof of your problems and solutions. This might be a Professional Practitioner’s Certificate, a police report, a letter from a counsellor, a study plan or some other document. Documents in languages other than English need to be translated by a certified translator.

Don’t ignore the University’s requests to Show Good Cause. If you do, it will most likely lead to you being excluded from your course. If you are an international student this may lead to your visa being cancelled and you returning to your home country with no prospect of returning to Australia, even in a tourist capacity, for at least 3 year.

If you are successful in your Show Good Cause process you will be permitted to continue studying, sometimes with conditions, so keep attending class throughout the appeal process.

For more information on how to “Show Good Cause” check out the SRC’s webpage or call the office to make an appointment on 9660 5222. Alternatively, you can also email help@src.usyd.edu.au for advice from a caseworker.