Harry is concerned about your welfare

Hi team! My name’s Harry, and together the wonderful Elly Morley and I are your Student Welfare team for 2013.

At its best, student life is a delirious combination of new friends, new experiences, and heavily subsidised alcohol. Unfortunately, not everyone’s “university experience” is as glossy as the brochure. Frankly, throughout the next however many years, lots of people in power will try to use your youth as an excuse to try and walk all over you, from the boss who underpays you, to the landlord who tries to turf you out, to the lecturer who gives you an absent fail in your lab assessment because you forgot your safety glasses. Your SRC’s job is to put the balance of power back in your favour. Whatever your problem is, we’ve got your back. Just shoot our crack team of lawyers and caseworkers an email at help@src.usyd.edu.au and we’ll help you get your student life back on track, whether by fighting for special consideration on an exam, making angry phone calls to your boss, or hooking you up with an emergency loan if your budget’s overstretched.

The other part of our job is campaigning to make student life more livable, whether it be fighting for more childcare services on campus, better mental health care or (my personal policy dream) USU-subsidised meals for lower SES students. If you are a bit skeptical about the ability of a bunch of twenty-somethings to change the world, you wouldn’t be the first. On the other hand, student activism has a terrifyingly effective record. Last year, your SRC stopped massive cuts to staff and subjects at this university, preserving the quality of your education. In fact, literally just two weeks ago, our brothers and sisters down the road at UTS won travel concession cards for EVERY domestic student in NSW, regardless of whether they’re employed.

The important thing about these victories, though, is that we can’t win them on our own. We need your help – your ideas, your commitment, and your passion. So, if there’s an issue that’s troubling you or something that makes you angry, or you’d just like to help out in the fight for a fairer student life (and against the menace of an Abbott government), shoot us an email at welfare.officers@src.usyd.edu.au or a text on 0438 141 869, or pop down to the SRC Bunker (bottom of the Wentworth building) for a chat. Depending on our collective mood there may even be cookies waiting for you.

Hope to see y’all soon!

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