Hannah Smith gives us the Pro-Choice rundown


There is a group on campus attacking women’s reproductive rights. Don’t let them misinform you about YOUR choices. Misleading health information has no place on campus. Women deserve to understand the risks and benefits involved in all decisions they make about their health.

Recently, a pamphlet was distributed by a club on campus that purported to explore the ethical, social and medical challenges of the RU486 drug (commonly known as the ‘abortion pill’). The distribution of information about women’s reproductive health by a group with a pointed ideological agenda completely undermines the right of women to feel safe and included on this campus.

The Women’s Collective has decided to take action. We don’t want to see discourses of women’s health being dominated by those who seek to marginalise our autonomy. We have decided that the best way to rectify this is through pursuing a more transparent and honest discourse on women’s reproductive and sexual health. We have recently distributed a flyer with accurate information about RU486 and are looking to host forums on women’s health.
Support reproductive choice at Sydney University

The availability of RU486 in Australia has only one major implication: expanding the number of options available to women experiencing unplanned pregnancy. If you support women’s reproductive CHOICE, spread the word and like our page on Facebook: ‘Pro-choice students of Sydney University’ for more information on how you can be involved.

If you are pregnant
If you are pregnant when you had not planned to be, it can be a very uncertain and emotional time. There are several options available to women facing an unplanned pregnancy. For some women the decision will be clear, while for others it may be a difficult choice to make. You may find it helpful to discuss your feelings and your options with people close to you. These resources can help to support you and provide information about your choices:
Family Planning NSW: http://www.fpnsw.org.au/
Pregnancy support helpline 1800 422 213; Health line 1300 658 886