Niamh Callinan and Yuxuan Yang

There are two main aspects we have been working on over the past couple of weeks. Firstly, we have been working to increase the visibility of the SRC, in order to communicate to students, the services that are available to them. We have been doing this through WeChat with particular focus on supporting International Students, and also through holding a breakfast for students. We will be holding another breakfast in the upcoming weeks, and we look forward getting out and talking to more students about what the SRC is able to do for them.

We have also been working alongside the caseworkers to formulate research papers on two main topics; affordable student housing and student wellbeing. The exact directions of both papers are to be determined; however, we are looking forward to what the findings of each project may highlight and the potential ways these will enable the SRC to discuss, advocate and promote change regarding these student related issues.

Finally, as winter is coming, we all understand that this means increased likelihood of getting sick; a fate that we all hope to avoid during this busy end of semester period. If this does happen, and you are struggling with how to approach special consideration for an assignment or exam, please feel free to drop into the SRC officers during our Drop In Hours Tues & Thurs, 1 to 3pm or alternatively make a booking to meet with one of our caseworkers who will be able to assist you.