General Secretaries – Week 4, Sem 1, 2018

Nina Dillon Britton and Yuxuan Yang

It’s been one month since university started . Do you think you are still on holiday?But we don’t think so, because we did a lot in the past 4 weeks. We achieved amazing goals during O-week!

  • Got 1500 SRC bags into the hands of students which is the largest ever amount the SRC has done. This will hopefully get more students than ever before
  • Counter-Course was into Chinese for the first time in the SRC’s history thanks to all translator ,thanks to Imogen and publication managers’ support, thanks to Nina and Yuxuan ,which will help us reach out to more international students than ever before. We also contacted lots of society and other organization publication and asked them to forward, let more student know us and help them.
  • We signed up more than 400 students to our new newsletter in order to get a back which will help us reach out more consistently to students than we have in the past.
  • We’ve put up a prize to follow us on Facebook to stay in the loop with the SRC’s activities. We advertised this through O-Week and will also do again so with our newsletter.
  • The SRC Caseworkers had their own stall at O-Week which allowed them to reach out to more students and make them aware of our services.
  • We have held and will hold more off-line event
  • Set stall on Eastern avenue on 3.13, to come deep into the student community , took the initiative to let student know SRC and what SRC relative to them(personally and collectively).
  • In addition, we listened their ideas to uni and some specific motions and collected it(do some investigate to truly represent student) .We plan to do it regularly ,twice a month ,and you will discover us outside ABS and eastern avenue, you are welcome to come and say “hi” to us.
  • We also co-held a lecture talking about finding caseworker and legal solicitor for help with some society on 3.8, to let more student know SRC help and help student personally.

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who helped out at the stall /event and/or handed out our bags and other materials as well as everyone who helped pack the bags .We also held a meeting with USU and SUPRA ,with student representatives from UNSW and western Sydney university to talk about student issue ,like campus safety ,education issue,international stude

nt opal concession card and so on. Once again ,we have united all the forces to protect students’ own right ,and you could see specific implementation scheme soon in their report.