General Secretaries Report – O-week, Sem 1, 2018

Nina Dillon Britton and Yuxuan Yang

Hello clueless first years and returning ancient stupol hacks! Welcome to O-Week and welcome to the part of Honi that no one, except you apparently, reads! We’re you’re General Secretaries for this year and will be sorting out budgets, the SRC’s O-Week stall (if you’re reading this this O-Week please come say hi!!) and generally helping collectives do their best work. Thrilling stuff.

If you’ve gone to the effort of reading this part of the paper, here’s a word of advice: our SRC is here for you – that means it fights for your interests and will support you when uni management fucks you over. There’s probably a lot that you will get out of your time at this degree factory, including (hopefully), but not limited to a degree. But what you will probably get most out of is meeting people like you, the sort of people who will meet the parts of Honi that only true stupol hacks read, and who hopefully care about issues that are larger than them.

Not that we’re biased, but the best way of getting doing this is through collectives and campaigns. Come to the National Day of Action on March 21 to protest the billions of dollars in cuts to higher education, join the Wom*n’s Collective to fight for an end to sexual assault and harassment at uni or join the fight to end racist discrimination against international students who have to pay for $100,000 degrees and aren’t even afforded concession Opal cards.
Sounds like you? Come have a chat with us at our stall or pick up a copy of Counter-Course (our O-Week publication) where you can read more about everything from the history of student activism at Sydney to the best places to take a shit on campus. We put a lot of effort into it so…please actually read it.

None of this interest you? Despite the fact you read to the end of a report from someone you probably don’t know? Congrats! If all this SRC “activism” is too scary for you try the simpler route: call Malcolm Turnbull to tell him what you think about cutting billions from your education on 02 6277 7700.