Fee Deregulation – What it means for students

This O Week, sure to be one of my last as I’m close to graduation- was by far the most satisfying. I talked to so many students concerned about what they were getting out of their education and how they can fight for it that I really have begun to feel as though this year will be one of activism’s most productive.

During this time, however, I also talked to some students who weren’t so concerned about deregulation. I was met with opposition and disinterest. Male students talked over me or completely ignored me, and a few heated conversations left a sour taste in my mouth as I mulled over what had happened to make fee deregulation seem so appealing to some.
To regulate something is to open it to everyone and make it equal and accessible.

The deregulation of university fees flies in the very face of this notion. It promises to continue to widen the gap between people of colour, women and students from low socio-economic backgrounds and the privileged class of student (the kind who were overall most in favour of fee dereg) that profits most readily from the deregulation model.

Students are banding together all through this month in order to demonstrate against our government’s proposed cuts to universities. On Wednesday March 4th a feeder rally will be held outside Fisher Library at 1pm in order to educate students on why they should care about the future of education in Australia and why they should attend the National Day of Action on the 25th of March.

This demonstration will be much larger-scale, one that spans all national universities and will move through Sydney from our university to UTS and down George Street and is the best way for you to help the fight against fee deregulation in order to ensure everyone can access education. The hindrance fee deregulation presents will only make the education system in Australia worse. Please come and help us continue the fight, things will improve for students if fee deregulation is beaten and we want to make sure future generations can study like we have. You should too.

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