My landlord has just told me that he wants me to move out. He said I have two weeks to find somewhere else. This doesn’t feel fair to me. Is there anything I can do?


Dear Evicted,

There are many different sets of rules that apply to the many different types of rental agreements. If you are renting from a real estate agent, it is likely that you are a tenant, which means you are entitled to 21 days written notice if you are coming to the end of your lease, or 90 days if you are on a continuing lease. If you live with your landlord, it is likely that you are a boarder/lodger and only have whatever rights are outlined in your contract. Usually that is the equivalent period that you are paying rent. So, if you pay each fortnight, then you should get a fortnight’s notice. If you are not sure, please ask a caseworker to read over your contract/agreement and tell you what your options are.