Over the past month, the Autonomous Collective Against Racism has been active both on and off campus.

Most notably, we published our autonomous edition of Honi Soit in Week 9, an edition with a specific focus on the experience of POC in a deeply racist, settler-colonial society. The edition was an overwhelming success, edited by our collective convenors and featuring many notable contributions in prose, poetry and art. A launch party will be held likely in the first week of Semester 2, where we will showcase many of the wonderful contributions to the paper.

ACAR has also been thoroughly involved in anti-racist and other progressive struggles (on and off campus). Most recently, collective members attended the national Sorry Day rally to protest the abhorrent rates at which Aboriginal children are being removed from their families by the colonial state. Members and convenors were also present at the Nakba rally earlier this month, commemorating the theft and occupation of Palestinian lands in 1948 and protesting the ongoing violence of the Israeli state. On campus, ACAR has been working closely with other collectives (specifically WoCo, Enviro and CRAC) in the hope of organising student resistance to the Liberal Party.

ACAR meeting times are determined weekly. Get in touch on Facebook or Instagram to find out more about our work, or to be added to the group to attend meetings.