Aziza Mumin, Bonnie Huang and Kritika Rathore

Week 4, Semester 1, 2021

Hello everyone!

ACAR stands in solidarity with, and send our love to, the grieving families and communities who have been affected by the deaths which have occurred over the last few weeks. There have been three Indigenous deaths in custody and a racially-motivated mass shooting in the United States. It is important to keep in mind systemic racism is closely linked with gender and class, and that these are only the reported instances of racial violence. We must dismantle the settler-colonial state system. We aim to work more closely with ISJA to make sure Indigenous issues are fought for, and to build for greater awareness around COVID-related racism through social media campaigns.

We have had three meetings so far; including a working bee/banner paint for the vigil held for those who have fallen in Myanmar. We hosted a inter-uni picnic with UTS Ethnocultural Collective and UNSW People of Colour Collective on the 19th of March to discuss plans regarding the commencement of more cross-uni collaborating and organising this year.

ACAR is organising a film screening on the 31st of March alongside the Women’s, Welfare, and Environment collective. ‘In My Blood It Runs’ is a documentary about the inheritance of resistance and resilience, it celebrates love and learning. We will be handing out our zine that follows the theme of abolition at the screening. This is in anticipation of April 10th, ASEN event against black deaths in custody.

Planning for our autonomous edition of Honi Soit is underway. We are currently looking for expressions of interests to join our editorial team or make submissions to be published, please get in contact with the convenors to learn more about how you can contribute!

We are keen to welcome any person of colour to engage with the collective who hasn’t yet. We intend to have weekly events moving forward (access will be available to those studying remotely via Zoom), like our Facebook page (Sydney Uni Autonomous Collective Against Racism) and join our Facebook group (ACAR: Autonomous Collective Against Racism) to get involved! We’re excited to see and facilitate the growth of ACAR!