Environment Officer’s Report

Over the break a bunch of enviro members went down with the Australian Student Environment Network to the forests of East Gippsland in Victoria to visit blockades that are opposing logging, learn new skills and help save the forest through citizen science. They learnt new skills, surveyed for endangered species and searched for old growth trees. The collective also ran our first climbing workshop and explored our artistic side by submitting an artwork to the Verge festival to highlight the need for action at the upcoming climate talks in Paris this December.
The Paris talks represent the worlds last chance to gaet a binding international agreement to reduce emissions. Australia has an atrocious track record of attempting to derail such negotiations in the past, which is why we need to place enormous pressure upon the Australian government to be a constructive participant and up the woeful targets it has currently on the table. Recent modelling shows that the targets submitted by Australia and other nations still puts the world on track for 3.5ºC of warming by the end of the century. As a rich nation with high per capita emissions, Australia needs to do its fair share of the global effort by committing to steep emissions cuts and by providing funds to rectify global inequities so that poorer nations can meet their targets without entrenching poverty.

Sydney University can play a role in spurring this change. Thats why we are calling upon it to give fossil fuels the flick and divest before Paris. The Environment Collective will be supporting the People’s Climate March here in Sydney on the 29th of November at 1pm. Bring your friends, bring your family, bring everyone out onto the streets to tell the government and the world that it is time to act. To inspire you before the march, we will be screening Naomi Klein’s new documentary ‘This Changes Everything’, on the incompatibility of neoliberal capitalism and climate action. Stay tuned for details of this post exams event and more by by liking the Sydney Uni Enviro Collective page on Facebook.

Jay Gillieatt

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