Emily France, Olivia Ronan, and Michael Rees explain what social justice has to do with your mental health

As semester hits its peak with essay season, student elections and the weight of exams just around the corner, students can be forgiven for forgetting the most important aspects of life: health, emotional wellbeing and self-nourishment.

While many of our policies pertain to financial or demographic disadvantage, we are pleased to announce our current work-in-progress; the introduction of professionally run support groups for students suffering mental illness and/or emotional challenges. An initiative proved successful by numerous London universities, we envisage a collaborative effort between the university and relative organizations such as the Butterfly Foundation and Beyond Blue.

As mental illness continues to be a leading factor for deaths of young people aged 18-25, there is no time like the present to proactively incorporate support services within the university’s largest student organisation. Free support networks run by relevant charities and mental health facilities already function throughout NSW. The Social Justice Office hopes to expand this through introducing a strictly anonymous, easily accessible branch on campus, so that students looking for peer support and guidance are afforded it.

As we intend to line up a number of relevant consultation meetings, the planning for our scholarship assistance program is also shaping nicely. We will be distributing an online survey in the very near future to accurately indicate areas of this policy which are most beneficial for the student body. We ask that all students keep an eye out for this, as any contribution will be invaluable for the opportunities of future USYD applicants.

SRC Social Justice Officer Report


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