Q: I have accidently deleted my invitation from BigPulse to vote?

A: Send an email to the Electoral Officer advising that you have accidently deleted your BigPulse invitation to vote. A replacement invitation will be sent to you. To assist in resolving this issue promptly in the Subject Header type “Error – I have deleted my BigPulse Invitation to Vote”.


All undergraduate students wishing to vote in the forthcoming elections are required to register via the online voter registration system. To register you are required to submit the following information:

  • Your University Email Address
  • Your University Student ID
  • Your University First Name
  • Your University Last Name

Upon completion of the Voter Registration process, BigPulse will send a confirmation email to your University email address.

Prospective candidates and actual candidates who registered initially on BigPulse as part of the nomination process, are required to re-register.

The Electoral Officer has ruled that Students who have deferred their studies are eligible to participate. Deferred students are required to provide proof of their deferment to the Electoral Officer via email.

Register to VOTE Here


Q: How to advise Group Members?

A: In order for the Grouping of Candidates along with ballot paper order you must send an email to the Electoral Officer elections@src.usyd.edu.au

To assist in processing please enter in subject heading the type of group:

Group – Honi Soit – “Your Group Name”

Group – NUS – “Your Group Name”

Group – SRC – “Your Group Name”

Please list your group members in ballot paper order, eg:

  • George Washington
  • John Adams
  • Thomas Jefferson
  • James Madison
  • James Monroe

This is not a final submission and you will have the opportunity to amend the ballot paper order up to 16:30 Monday 31st August 2020 by emailing the Electoral Officer.

Finally, please have your name and contact details on the email so that if any clarification is required you can be contacted easily.


Q: Why are the SRC Elections held online this year?

A: The elections are being conducted online this year due to COVID19 Pandemic. Regulations were passed by the SRC Council on Friday 31st July 2020 permitting online elections to be conducted.

Q: Who can vote in this election?

A: The Electoral Officer has ruled that students who are enrolled in either an undergraduate degree course or undergraduate diploma course are eligible to participate in this election either as a candidate and or voter.

Q: How do I contact the Electoral Officer?

A: The Electoral Officer can be contacted via email elections@src.usyd.edu.au. Please use your University email address.

Q: How do I contact the Electoral Legal Arbiter?

A: The Electoral Legal Arbiter can be contacted via email srcela2020@gmail.com. They are independent of the Electoral Officer. If you are wishing to appeal a ruling, see the FAQ on “How do I lodge an appeal to the Electoral Legal Arbiter”.

Q: Why do I need to provide my SID and University email address?

A: Your University Student Identity Number and email address are used to verify your entitlement to nominate and to vote.   Previous processes such as presenting yourself at the SRC offices with completed forms and your University Student Identity Card are no longer applicable due to the SRC offices being closed (SRC services are still being provided).

Q: How do I vote?

A: Voting is only accessible via BigPulse. Invitations to vote will be issued upon the opening of polling along with how you access the Election Edition of Honi Soit. If there are any additional instructions, they will be advised.

Q: Why this choice of online election system?

A. The Electoral Officer has chosen BigPulse to be the online election system as the BigPulse meets the requirements of the Electoral Regulation. The election working group had already shortlisted BigPulse prior to the Electoral Officers appointment.

BigPulse has a FAQ page that you can access https://www.bigpulsevoting.com/about/faqs/


Q: I was in the process of completing my nomination and the system prevented me from completing same?

A: This could be caused by the fact that your nomination was not completed by Close of Nominations. It is your responsibility to ensure that your nomination is completed by Close of Nominations and this is no different to online job applications, online exams, contests, Lotto etc. Loss of – or slow – internet access, equipment failure etc are your responsibility. If BigPulse has a genuine system failure (which is extremely unlikely given that BigPulse have various redundancy systems), the Electoral Officer will consider each request and in order for this to be successful you will need suitable evidence (readable screen shots and other). BigPulse have various logs and these will be examined to determine if a system failure occurred.

Q: I have accidently deleted the email from BigPulse regarding accessing my nomination form?

A: Send an email to the Electoral Officer from your University email advising that you have accidently deleted your BigPulse nomination link. Your subject header should be “Deleted my BigPulse Nomination Link for either President/ Editors of Honi Soit / NUS delegates/ SRC. A new nomination link will be forwarded to you. Nominations cannot be completed after Close of Nominations. The times and dates for the closing of nominations have been supplied to BigPulse and the system will automatically lock the nomination process at the allocated time regardless of how much you have left to complete. This is no different to  online job applications, online exams, contests, lotto etc It is your responsibility to ensure that your nomination is finalised before Close of Nominations occurs. Campaign Managers: if you are sending this email on behalf of a group member please include their name but only if they have not already requested assistance. Multiple requests on the same issue will result in multiple emails being generated and only that email will grant access to the online nomination resulting in further delays.

Q: The SRC Office is closed, how I can submit my forms?

A: The SRC Office is closed until further notice and all staff are working remotely. All forms are able to be submitted electronically, either via BigPulse or via completing the SRC forms located on the SRC Election webpages.

Q: Campaign Managers Important Information re Groups?

A: Please ensure that each team member has completed the affiliation form and paid the fee prior to close of nominations. (Campaign Managers can do a bulk payment of the affiliation fee) Failure to complete this form and pay the fee results in automatic disqualification of the individual’s nomination.

Also please submit a completed group form as soon as possible.  If you do not have a full team, (e.g. missing a few team members) please submit this form ASAP, as you will have the opportunity to submit amended forms up until Close of Nominations. This will permit the preparation of various processes to commence. Failure to submit this form will result in all team members being treated as individuals at Close of Nominations.

Only one policy statement is permitted per group. If the first nominee does not submit a Policy Statement via the online nomination system, this will be treated as not submitting one. Policy statements completed for other nominees will be ignored. If your first nominee has completed there online application and cannot access the submitted data to submit the group Policy Statement, please advise the Electoral Officer by your University email with the election type e.g. President/ Editors for Honi Soit / NUS Delegates and SRC followed by the group name and the first nominee’s name. This request must be submitted by Close of Nominations.

The Electoral Officer will send a new link to the first nominee’s University email address, permitting them to upload the Group Policy Statement. A simple reply will be sent to you advising that this occurred.

Q: Election materials?

A: All election materials are to be authorised and to be in English. It is acceptable for a translation of the document to be in another language provided that the original English document is attached (e.g. side by side.) These translations will be verified to confirm the accuracy of the translation and directions given if required to ensure compliance with the Electoral Regulations.

Q: How can I see what information what voters will see when they vote?

A: As part of the online nomination process, BigPulse allows you to view how your picture and CV might look as part of the online nomination process.

Q: How do I nominate?

A: Nominations are only possible via following the instructions listed on the Notice of 2020 Students’ Representative Council Annual Elections.

Q: Why do I need to complete the Group Nomination Form?

A: The Group Nomination Form is required to be completed to enable the grouping and order of candidates to appear on the ballot. If the Group Nomination Form is not completed and submitted by close of nominations, the Electoral Officer has no way of knowing your group members and order of candidates. This will result in your candidates being treated as individuals.

Q: How do I check what will be appearing in the Election Edition of Honi Soit?

A: The process for advising candidates and campaign managers is still being developed. The actual process will be undertaken via email as it is not physically possible to attend the SRC offices as in previous years. Details of the actual process will be listed here closer to the Close of Nominations.

Q: How do I pay the Affiliation Fee?

A: Please transfer your affiliate fee of $15 to the SRC’s bank account. You MUST include your Student ID number as the description so that we can match this form to the payment. If you are paying for more than one person please put the description as the students first person and then email admin.manager@src.usyd.edu.au with the full names and student numbers of those you have paid for with the remittance attached. This will allow us to match the payment to the student. SRC Bank account details are listed on the form. It is important to remember that delays can occur in transfers between the Financial Institutions.

Q: What will my CV and picture look like on the electronic ballot paper?

A: An integral part of the nomination process, is the ability for a candidate to submit a picture and a CV. As a candidate you will be permitted to submit/modify these within a short time following close of nominations. It is therefore preferable that this is done prior to close of nominations, to ensure that this successfully completed. This information will be used for the Election edition of Honi Soit.

To assist you in how your information might appear when a voter clicks on your name, a sample version from a test ballot is provided.

The Electoral Officer’s advice to all:

  • Submit a suitable picture that can be viewed on smart devices,
  • Think about how your CV might look based upon the sample
  • The Electoral Officer will not be editing / formatting any CV’s that are viewable on the ballot paper.
  • The CV’s are authorised Election Material and the Electoral Officer is required to ensure that they comply with the regulations and if needed remove /edit same to ensure compliance with the regulations.

Authorised by G.Field, 2020 Electoral Officer

Students’ Representative Council, University of Sydney
Level 1, Wentworth Building, City Road, University of Sydney