Eleanor Barz and Fahad Ali are expecting an exciting semester

Hi! Below is the Queer Officer Honi report.

This will be an exciting semester for QuAC. We are looking to expand our visibility and establish a gateway for people who might just have come to terms with their identity, or are looking for a queer campus group to join.

It’s a sad fact that the collective isn’t very visible. For many prospective USYD students, the most prominent face of community involvement is the University of Sydney Union’s Clubs and Societies program. If you skim through the USU C&S listing for LGBTIQ clubs, you’ll find the Queer Revue Society but you might miss SHADES. And if neither performing nor the party scene are for you, the collective might seem like the only alternative.

But not everyone can just throw themselves into a collective head-first, especially if they’re not out or are still confused about their identity. And that’s why we’re setting up a new gateway: the Queer Student Alliance society. It’s going to be registered with the Clubs and Societies program, and will bring together both queers and allies to promote community awareness, visibility, and present itself as the low-key, social alternative to SHADES.

QSA isn’t about replacing the collective or SHADES—it’s about providing an environment in which students can learn more about themselves to gain the confidence to branch out into activism or the high-energy SHADES parties. It’s about boosting involvement in existing community groups, rather than leaching members from them. The IGM will be held on Friday, 30th of August at 5:00 pm in the Badham Room in the Holme Building, and we urge everyone, including allies, to attend.

We are also determined to reach out to female-identified queer students at USYD. It is a common experience among same-sex attracted women to attend an LGBTIQ event only to find themselves sadly outnumbered and potentially disappointed. But as last semester’s hugely successful ‘It’s a Girl Thing’ tea party confirmed, there is no shortage of enthusiasm for queer women’s events. Over the next few months a women’s planning group will meet regularly to ensure that the fun continues this semester. On Wednesday in week 6, we’ll be screening The Itty Bitty Titty Committee in the International Student Lounge – be sure to contact us if you’re interested in getting involved in organizing future events!


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