Education Officer’s Report – Week 5, Sem 2, 2016

Liam Carrigan and Dylan Griffiths

On Wednesday the 17th students from Sydney College of the Arts and main campus held a brief occupation of the student Centre. During the occupation, the SCA campaign put an ultimatum to university management, if the campaign demands were not met by the end of the week we would escalate. The university has made no correspondence to the SRC or other members of LET SCA STAY saying that no cuts to staff and facilities of SCA will occur, that the B.Visual Arts has been reinstated or that they will LET  SCA STAY where it is.

So I guess the campaign will have escalated by the time this issue of Honi is released.
At the August 17th rally and SCA student strike, Hall Greenland, a trot and ex editor of this paper, spoke about the campaign to have Marxism and feminism taught in the philosophy program. The University expelled Hall after a long term occupation escalated the campaign. This Education Officer, and I’m sure other members of the SRC hope not to follow his fate.

Get involved in the campaign by keeping update over the LET SCA STAY and SCAR Facebook pages.

The 60% staff reduction and massive cuts to SCAs curriculum are the product of poor funding to higher education by the federal government.  With the Liberal government cutting over $2 billion dollars form the sector last budget and continuing to push deregulation light its essential we link the struggles and turn out for the August 24 NDA 1PM Fisher Library.