Dylan Parker thinks you should pay attention to the Union Board Elections

So the coloured T-shirt wearing, pamphlet packed, and down right unpunny pandemonium of Union Board 2013 will soon be upon us and I thought that it is probably high time to mention why you should get involved on the representative side of your student associations.

Look, I get that for a tonne of people student politics makes Saturday exams not look half bad and frankly if that is the case then this week’s report probably isn’t for you. However, if you do care about the future of your student associations, the kind of education you receive and the quality of your student experience then student elections are worth thinking about or at a bare minimum paying a shred attention to.

As someone who has been on both the giving and receiving end of a million 60 second spiels, lecture bashes and caf-bashes I get how frustrating, in your face, and at times just plain shit student elections can be for everyone involved. However, I promise you the poor bastard out campaigning is 9 times out of ten doing it because their heart is in the right place. It takes a bleeding heart to stand up in front of hundreds of people and put themselves out there with nothing but a flyer, a coloured T-shirt and maybe a couple buzzwords to keep them covered.

Student elections matter because if you don’t pay attention you might miss a Liberal sneaking in the back door under the label progressive or a closet anarchist more interested in smashing the state than providing student services. Or worse you only have to look at the disgusting example of ‘Fresh’ at UQ where the Liberals stacked the deck so they practically had to win and then went on to flagrantly spend lumps of their student associations’ cash on their own self promotion. Love them or hate them, student elections matter because they’re all you have to make sure that the people you are putting into positions of power believe in the things you believe in and actually impact you.

Dylan Parker, SRC General Secretary

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