Dylan Parker doesn’t want you to vote Liberal

So I know I have spoken on this before but some things are worth saying twice.

As your General Secretary, I have a responsibility to look after the finances and security of the SRC. It’s not an overly political role during the day to day however sometimes the occasion calls for it.

The reality is if Abbott wins on September 7, you and your SRC lose. This is because if elected the Liberals will bring back Voluntary Student Unionism depriving the SRC and other student associations of a vital lifeline in financial support.

While, I am the first to admit that the Student Services Amenities Fee (SSAF) isn’t perfect, it still provides badly needed funds to provide student services and amenities. I wish the legislation guaranteed that student money went to student associations rather than for Universities to dole out according to their whim and the generosity of VC’s but still some money is better than no money.

This year alone, because of the SSAF the SRC has been able to plan the renovation of our offices in the dungeon of Wentworth and expand our casework services.

Under a new round of VSU, the SRC will have to reassess its financial security and our priorities. I think the fact we provide caseworkers, a free legal service, a second hand bookstore, fund activism, and have a weekly student run paper is amazing. If Abbott wins, the reality is the SRC loses.

Dylan Parker


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