There is no denying that a DC grade is better than a fail. Now is a good time to consider if you are going to pass all of the subjects you are enrolled in. Lots of students have found the change to online classes challenging, so please do not feel bad if you have fallen behind. Due to these extraordinary times, this semester, this also applies to international students.

If you want to withdraw from a class before the Friday of week 8, you can go to Sydney Student and vary your enrolment, giving you a DC (discontinue not to count as fail) grade for any subject you nominate. You will still need to pay for the subject (HECs or fees), but will not have any academic penalty. International students may also need to talk to Faculty Services to be given permission.

If it is after the DC deadline, you can apply for a late DC if you experienced illness or misadventure that stopped you from successfully completing that subject. You will need to show that you were able to pass when you enrolled, you attended all classes, and attempted all assessments, up until the time that your illness or misadventure occurred. You will need to provide documentation, such as a Professional Practitioner’s Certificate, or a student declaration, to support your application. Different faculties have different procedures on how to apply so check the uni website for details:

If you are successful in getting a DC grade you might want to apply for a refund or crediting of your HECs/fees. Use the same documentation for this application. For details go to: The deadline for applying for refunds is 12 months.

An SRC caseworker is happy to read over your application before you submit it, if you would like suggestions on any changes that might help.