David Pink talks federal politics

We’re halfway through the year now, so I thought it was time to make myself accountable to you and detail some of the things you can look out for the SRC next semester.

We will be organising a bigger and better SRC stall at Re-O-Week, so that you can have a chance to sign up to the SRC and grab a free SRC bag. We’ll also be going hard on defending staff conditions, and help put pressure on the University administration to give staff decent conditions.

I will also be following up with the police Ombudsman the allegations of police violence against students at last week’s strike. On a less exciting note, the revamped and user-friendly SRC website is now up and running – soon we’ll be adding to it regularly updated SRC reports from the office bearers, minutes and agendas for council and executive meetings.

The SRC Breakfast Bar will also be up and running. Free breakfast for students who often can’t afford to eat is something that we really prioritise. I’ll also be working with LPAB diploma students to see if there is a way to improve the quality of their teaching, which is really not very good.

I will also be working closely with the University to try and guarantee that there is affordable and quality student housing available. I will be organising to meet with office bearers to make sure that they have campaigns to run next semester.

One of the SRC’s biggest problems, year after year, is that the flurry of activity of first semester subsides into the hugely draining SRC elections. Hence, I am going to work with office bearers this year to make sure that second semester is a time of activity and vibrancy for your student union.

The biggest surprise of the year so far was Gillard’s Higher Education cuts of $2.8 billion. As a member of the Labor Party, this has put me in the awkward position of organising demonstrations with the National Union of Students against the policy of a government I have been spending my evenings and weekends tirelessly campaigning for. But I hope you would all agree that I have done my job well, and haven’t let you down because of my political affiliations.