David Pink reports back from the alternative education conference, EduFactory

An Education Network

“Previously activists in education have been disconnected, geographically fragmented, without the capacity for coordination, and dependent on the whim of bureaucracies beyond our control. We aim to resolve these difficulties, and to take immediate action on education.

We propose that there be a national education network established, to fight attacks on education. This network will prosecute campaigns against cuts against fees, for autonomy, for diversity and for education funding. We believe that education should be democratic and participatory, and not run by bureaucrats in the interests of capital and the state; we stand for a democratic society.

This network regards itself as wholly distinct and autonomous from any other existing groups that claim, truly or falsely, to represent us, though it does not exclude the possibility of working with such groups. This network instead regards itself as an association of activists in the education sector and not as representatives.

This network will maintain a Facebook Group and Email list. It will endeavour to have members in every state and territory, or if that is not possible, from a broad geographic range, as part of this project it will endeavour to establish state networks. Anyone involved in education who agrees with the objectives of the network may join by attending a meeting.

This network will be governed by meetings at Edufactory, and by phone linkups between conferences. All decisions, unless delegated, will be made through these meetings. The method of decision-making will be consensus, and if consensus should not be achieved, a two-thirds majority vote.

This network will support local and regional organising by education activists and, where possible, work with activist associations on relevant campaigns.

This network sees grassroots education action groups (or other local activist formations) as vital to building a network of education activism nationally, and encourages those groups to actively participate in the network. This network will if capable, support these grassroots groups in forming.

For the name of this organisation we propose, ‘Class Action’.”

Passed by an overwhelming majority of participants of EduFactory 2013.

26 April 2013

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