David Pink outlines some important student rights you should know about

The Student Bill of Rights
In your dealings with the University and its staff you have a right to:

At all times either as a group or an individual you have the right to seek representation. Your SRC can and will advocate on behalf of students.

No Sexual Harassment
Students have the right to freedom from sexual harassment and other offensive material and behavior.

No Discrimination
Every student has the right to be free from discrimination based on a characteristic or condition such as race, sex, disability, and sexuality. This includes the behavior of University staff and fellow students.

Disability Support
All students with a disability have a right to expect action by the administration or teaching staff to accommodate their specific needs. This includes lecture taping and the provision of course notes.

You have the right to expect timely, confidential, procedurally fair and unbiased appeals, academic exclusion/satisfactory progress or misconduct decisions.

Privacy and Confidentiality
You have the right to ensure that the University does not disclose any of your personal information including marks to other without your formal consent.

Freedom of Information
The University often keeps a file on all students. Every student has the right to access their file. Students also have the right to see their exam papers after have been marked.

Assessment Criteria Information
Students have the right to clear and early written information about all your assessment requirements. These requirements should not change without equal written notice being provided to students.

Assessed Against Explicit Criteria
Grades or marks that are best determined on the basis of performance against clear criteria or standards rather than by reference to the performance of the group.

Special Consideration
If students suffer illness, misadventure or is impeded from meeting assessment criteria you have the right to be granted special consideration.

Consultation Time with Academic Staff
While staff are very busy, all teaching staff should be required to be provide each course with consultation time. You should check your course information hand-out for this information.

Security on Campus
Students need to feel safe on campus. You have a right to expect adequate security services and lighting.

Students have the right to expect from the University accessible and affordable childcare.


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