Guides for SRC Student Representatives

The SRC Induction handbook is your essential guide to all SRC procedures

SRC Representatives sitting on University committees should read the following guide

SRC Access & Swipe Card Application

To use SRC facilities and apply for a SWIPE CARD to access to the SRC office, please complete the following steps 1-4:

1. Work Health & Safety module

All Student Representatives who wish to use the SRC office and facilities MUST complete the SRC Work Health & Safety module:

2. Covid Safety & Proof of vaccination

Please read the SRC Covid-19 Safety Plan and submit Proof of Vaccination prior to entering the SRC.

3. SRC Forms Training

Please complete the following SRC forms training module

4. Swipe Card Access form

Once you have completed steps 1-3, please fill out the SRC Swipe Card access form.

Introductory Videos for SRC Representatives

Please watch the following introductory videos

Office Bearer & Editor Training (completed)

Office Bearer Graphics & Publications Workshop – REGISTER HERE
WHO: All other Office Bearers
WHEN: Two workshop sessions available, max of 5 per session (choose either Fri 21 Jan 2022 or Tues 25 Jan 2022)

Honi Soit Editor Publications Training –  REGISTER HERE
WHO: All Honi Soit Editors
WHEN: Two sessions available, (choose Fri 17 Dec 2021 or Tues, 8 Feb 2022) max of 5 per session.

Media Law Seminar (with ABC Media Lawyers) –  REGISTER HERE
WHO: All DSPs, Honi Soit Editors, SRC President and Vice President + other interested OBs can also attend
WHEN: Thurs 3 Feb 2022

Handbook Editor Publications Training – REGISTER HERE
WHO: 2022 Handbook Editors (Education OBs, Women’s OBs, General Secretaries)
WHEN: Two sessions available, max of 5 per session (choose either: Wed 1 Dec or Thurs 2 Dec 2021)

General SRC Induction (Via Zoom)
WHO: All 2022, 94th SRC Representatives and Honi Soit Editors
WHEN: Choose either: 9 Dec 2021 or 18 Jan 2022
A Zoom link will be emailed to all SRC Student Reps
For more information contact: