SRC Reimbursements:

Complete this form to be reimbursed for SRC expenditures. Reimbursements must be submitted no later than 2 months after date of purchase.

Swipe Card Access:

Once the form is completed, please allow time for Executive to approve the application.

SRC Photocopy Requests:

Complete this form online, upload original artwork and submit. Please allow 48 hours notice to receive your printed copies.

All printing must include the SRC logo. You can download the logo below and place it on your design.

University Venues Event Applications:

Complete this form, and submit to the Secretary to Council at the SRC front office. Please allow two weeks lead time for indoor venues and three weeks for outdoor venues.

SRC Social Media Post Booking (for SRC Office Bearers):

For questions and enquiries, please contact the SRC President or the Publications and Communications Manager (Amanda LeMay or Mickie Quick)

Student Print Advertising Booking (for SRC Office Bearers):

If you would like to book a print ad in Honi Soit or a banner ad on the Honi Soit website, please contact the SRC Publications and Communications Manager (Amanda LeMay or Mickie Quick)