Community Garden

Who are we?

We are a group of keen, green bean students who love building, gardening, sharing skills and growing food together! After seven years of lobbying the university for a greenspace, in November 2013 we joined up with the SRC, the Usyd Food Co-op and the Centre for English Teaching to create a space where domestic and international students can garden together on campus! We grow food crops, friendly flowers and native plants for both nummy consumption and education.

Why a community garden?

Across Sydney and around the world, communities have sprung alive through gardening in their street plots and local centres. As we spend most of our student lives at uni, gardening here is a great opportunity to work together and learn about sustainability and food security.

In the city, where many of us don’t know how to grow veggies or don’t have the space, the balcony on level 5 of Wentworth can offer both garden beds and garden friends.

What do we do?

In creating our garden, we sourced recycled crates, lugged tonnes of dirt up to the balcony, constructed self watering (wicking) beds, painted them with colours and quotes, planted seeds and trees, and watched them grow into a flourishing food forest!  It was both educational and socially rewarding, as we bonded with a group of similar-minded people who are passionate about food and the environment.

But the best thing about a garden is that it just keeps growing! We still have beds to build, seedlings to transplant and delicious organic strawberries to harvest!

Now that the garden is established, we’ll be holding monthly working bees, weekly organising meetings and weekly harvesting-skill-sharing meet-ups. The community garden is not just a space to grow food, but a live music and workshop space – from  permaculture 101  to urban food farms and community organising.

Numerous ideas for this year have already arisen, like starting a seed bank, developing a worm farm to process the scraps from Wentworth food court, starting a native (stingless) bee hive, and constructing our own garden-furniture.  With your garden gloves and grand ideas, this garden and space will just keep growing!

Getting involved

Whether you are a green thumb or have never gardened before, the Usyd Community Garden is a space to meet new friends from a diversity of backgrounds, faculties and year groups. Anyone can be a community gardener! You don’t even need an ACCESS card.

In 2014, we hope the community garden can be a great space to hang out with your friends, meet up for organising meetings, and connect with nature in the middle of the city, through growing food and eating it fresh.

We meet at the Community Garden on the Level 5 Balcony of Wentworth building (Look up at the trees from Hermann’s) twice a week for organising meetings, skillshares-harvests and have monthly working bees.

So, when you’re having a drink at Hermann’s, look up at the sunflowers, and take the lift to level 5, it’s blooming marvellous!

For more information please contact us:

Email –

Facebook Page – Usyd Community Garden

Call Amelie – 0413 679 269

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