The University has introduced a new Student Charter. It outlines their expectations for your behaviour as a student, and member of the University community, as well as their commitment to you.

In brief, the charter says…

You can expect that the University will:

  • Prioritise your safety;
  • Create a supportive learning environment;
  • Receive your feedback;
  • Treat you fairly, honestly, transparently and with courtesy;
  • Protect your academic freedom;
  • Maintain high academic standards;
  • Protect your privacy;
  • Respond to your complaints; and,
  • Comply with its own policies.

The University can expect that you will:

  • Behave respectfully;
  • Be honest and ethical;
  • Avoid engaging in bullying, harassment or discrimination;
  • Be co-operative with the University;
  • Use resources equitably;
  • Support freedom of speech;
  • Comply with their policies;
  • Contribute to learning;
  • Promote high academic standards;
  • Commit to academic integrity;
  • Work collaboratively in learning experiences, including group work;
  • Behave professionally, ethically and respectfully during placements and external learning opportunities.

We encourage all students to read the Charter in full. It’s an easy to read document, and can be found at

The Student Charter is one of the many University policies that determine how the University acts on a whole range of issues, including, but not limited to, academic appeals, special consideration, and harassment and discrimination. You can find them in the University’s Policy Register:

If you have any concerns, questions, or ideas please let us know.

Undergraduate students should contact an SRC Caseworker by emailing

Postgraduate students should contact a SUPRA Caseworker by emailing:

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