The census date for standard semesters is 31st March in first semester and 31st August in second semester. If your semester is a little different, e.g., summer or winter intensives, check your subject outline. This is the last date for you to withdraw from a subject without academic penalty (it does not appear on your transcript) and without financial penalty. That means if you are not going to be able to pass that subject you have a chance to withdraw without failing. 

Why is this important?

Before the introduction of the Job Ready Graduates Package the Uni had a DC deadline (week 7) where you could drop a subject without academic penalty. Now this is only possible if you have evidence of illness, injury, or misadventure that was unexpected and outside of your control, that will stop you from being able to successfully complete that subject. Failing subjects may place you on the academic progression register that in turn may lead to being excluded from your course for a minimum of 2 years. Domestic students also risk being removed from their Commonwealth Support (HECS) place and made to pay full fees (about $25,000 per semester).

What should you do?

Complete a daily timetable of your classes and private study, and a semester planner noting your assignments. Make an honest assessment of whether you have the capacity right now to complete each of your subjects successfully. If you are unsure talk to an academic advisor, a counsellor, or a tutor from the Learning Hub. If you are an international student, you will need to get permission to reduce your study load by showing compassionate or compelling reasons. The SRC has a visa solicitor that can offer free advice on how to notify the government of any changes to your study load. Call 9660 5222 to book your appointment.

What happens if you miss the deadline?

You will still be able to apply for a late discontinue under special circumstances if you have experienced illness, injury, or misadventure. You need to show that you were actively participating in the subject until something unexpected and outside of your control happened, sometime after the census date, that has now made it impossible for you to pass that subject.

If you have any questions about your enrolment, progression, or any other problem with your degree, please talk to an SRC Caseworker by emailing