Residential College Officers – Week 5, Sem 2, 2019

<em>James Ardouin and Annabel De Mestre</em>

It is to our great pleasure that we’re able to present the first report of the Residential College Officers in some time. It is also our privilege to report to the Council that in a meeting of the Residential Colleges Officers, the Department has created the Intercollegiate Collective. This is to be led in 2019 by the Residential College Officers James (Chairperson), and Annabel (Deputy-Chairperson).

The Collective is dedicated to providing College Residents an independent grassroots voice, so that they may have input on the cultural renewal at the College Community, but also to provide a bridge between the Universities administration and the Residents.
Unfortunately, there currently is no budgeted funding for the Department or the Collective. As undoubtedly there will be funding required before the next budget is passed, further talks will have to be entered into by the Collective with the President and General Secretaries; of which Niamh, Jacky and Dane have already been very helpful in providing advice.

The first priority of the Collective Executive is working to ensure the structure of the Collective is set up the best way possible, considering the complicated set of dynamics that exists between different stakeholders. The Residential College Officers are working on meeting with all the Colleges Senior Students and Principals and within the next coming weeks. A Facebook group will be created soon, as well as a formal launch of the Collective at an event, which the format of this will be decided on in the future. The Executive looks forward to achieving its mandate in fighting for the interests of Residents and ensuring all College Residents can experience the most constructive University experience possible.

Residential College Officer’s Report – Week 2, Sem 1, 2016

Hi Everyone, let us introduce ourselves as your college office bearers for 2016! It’s the new year and a new semester, meaning we have just seen a hoard of new students moving into college for the first time. While everyone was partying at Manning or watching Shannon Noll, the new residence of the University of Sydney’s several colleges were also partying at Manning, watching Shannon Noll, and completing and competing in a number of O-week College events. If you are wondering why some students have been wandering to class in Academic Robes while carrying bricks… they are either from St Andrew’s, or masochists.

The past two weeks have seen the return of second, third, and even fourth, fifth and sixth year college students to the place they know as their ‘home away from home’.

As the 2016 College Office bearers, it is our role to represent the voices of students living at the University’s Residential Colleges on the Student Representative Council. In this respect, we are also a point of contact for such students wanting connect with the University’s administration.

In addition, we want to ensure that these students have the best time possible when living within the University of Sydney. We hope to explore issues of safety on campus, and address issues of Wom*n’s representation within college administration. In addition, we hope to better bridge the divide between college and university life, and have more students engaging with SRC collectives and utilising our services.

If you would like to contact the College Office Bearers, please do so at:

Residential College Officers’ Report – Campus Safety

The University and Campus Infrastructure team have recently launched an imitative to examine the lighting and safety measures around campus, in a bid to increase campus security and the safety of students. A recurring issue for students who are on campus after dark has been the complete lack of sufficient lighting, especially on Western Avenue which students who live in the residential colleges and student housing have often cited as a significant issue. The SRC has participated for the past few weeks in campus ‘walks’ to determine these areas and Western Ave and the somewhat frightening after hours’ trek to St Johns and Sancta Sophia, have been noted as areas of great concern and a priority for the University thanks to the work of the SRC President and Vice President who were very vocal about this matter. We would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their work on this issue.

Residential College Report – Week 12

Congratulations to the recently elected Union Board Directors Michael Rees, Jack Whitney, Atia Rahim, Marco Avena, Tiff Alexander and Shannen Potter! The above are all capable and experienced representatives who will serve the USU well. However this year we regret that there was a lack of representation from the USyd Colleges, as none of the above elected Directors (to our knowledge) are associated with one.

As all Residential College students are Union members it is important that we have a say in its direction, especially as the fight goes on for transparency, greater representation of marginalised groups (including wom*n, queer and ethno-culturally diverse people) and as Sensitivity Training is extended to all student leaders.

Again, we congratulate the new elected directors, but call on Residential College students to stay involved in Union programs and to continue casting a vote in coming years to decide the direction of your union. On another note, though in a similar vein, all four Residential College Officers encourage College students to broaden their involvement in the SRC’s various initiatives in the (inevitable) lead-up to this year’s SRC election, which will take place some time around September.

The SRC does great things for student welfare and has strong roots in activism. Above and beyond all obscure factional alignments, all of the current SRC Office Bearers in the departments for Wom*n, Queer students, Ethnic Affairs and the Environment have been autonomously preselected by their collectives, which are open to anybody with an applicable identity/interest.

For evidence of the amazing work of these Collectives, you need not look past this incred Wom*n’s Edition of Honi Soit, or the ongoing fossil fuel divestment campaign, Fossil Free Usyd, of which many of the recent USU Board Director candidates came out in support.

For more information, please get in touch with us at Cheers!

As your Residential College Officers on the SRC we are committed to improving the experiences of campus and university life for Residential College Students

As your Residential College Officers on the SRC we are committed to improving the experiences of campus and university life for Residential College Students through fighting directly for their interests. At the outset of our term as Residential College Officers, the four of us decided that a major priority for us would be to foster a positive dialogue between the SRC and the administrative, leadership and student bodies of University of Sydney Residential Colleges. An important step in achieving this has been to enact processes to boost the profile of the SRC and its important services within the college community by liaising with key figures within the leadership bodies of colleges as well as initiating discussions with college students. Some of the SRC services that are directly relevant to college students include the legal representation that can be provided by the SRC, support in academic appeals, emergency financial support, support against discrimination and safe spaces for marginalised groups. Integral to our conversations with college students has been outlining the processes they can undertake to access these services.

As Residential College Officers we wish to express our support for the work of individuals within the college community to create safe spaces for LGBTIQ* students within their community with the establishment of networks such as the “Intercol Free Alliance” and other similar groups. We are aiming to continue to work closely with these groups in the coming months to ensure their growth and outreach. We believe there is significant scope for spaces such as these to connect up with similar spaces on the main university campus and the SRC is best placed to facilitate interaction and dialogue.

As Residential College Officers we are passionate and determined to fight for the physical and emotional welfare of Residential College students and ensure that they have access to adequate information and support services. Knowledge of sex and consent is important for all University of Sydney students and we want to ensure that information is disseminated to everyone, especially given the poorly lacking sex education offered in High Schools. In light of the success of the USU’s Radical Sex and Consent Day last year, we are currently working with the Sexual Harassment Officers to look into initiating sex education programs in tandem with the administration and leadership of Residential Colleges.

We would like to take this opportunity to further encourage any college students reading this article to get in contact with us, and the SRC, about absolutely any concerns that they have that are relevant to campus policy. This includes any improvements that could be made to the services that the SRC provides or to university services that the SRC has the capacity to lobby for on behalf of college students.

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