10 Tips and Tricks for getting around The Con.

10 Tips and Tricks for getting around The Con.

1. If you want to practice on a weekday you’ll need to get up early, practice rooms fill up by 9am and it’s a struggle to find one until 6pm!

2. The Con is open 7am-10pm on weekdays 8am-10pm on Saturdays and 10am-6pm on Sundays and public holidays.

3. There is a computer lab hidden on level 1 that has useful software such as Sibelius, Finale and Audacity. This is open to all students, all hours Monday-Saturday and is particularly useful when the library is closed.
4. If you want to rehearse with your chamber ensemble or simply practice in a larger space, you can book any ensemble room, recital hall or music workshop for up to 2 hours a day. Just check this website for room availabilities: https://web.timetable.usyd.edu.au/venuebookings/venueCalendar.jsp?mode=Timetables and then email con.timetable@sydney.edu.au. On Sundays or public holidays you can only book ensemble rooms on level 3.

5. If you do AP or Harmony, do yourself a favour and do the homework the day of or
next day. This way you don’t have to worry about it all week.

6. If you’re having personal problems the con now has e-counselling in room 4037,all you have to do is book an appointment with CAPS.

7. If you have any issues contact an SRC caseworker on 9660 5222 or email them from the SRC website. They can even come to the con campus for your appointment. See the website http://srcusyd.net.au for more details about how they can help you

8. Want a con hoodie? Want to write in the Conversation magazine? Have a suggestion to improve the con? Email the CSA at constudentsassociaton@gmail.com

9. Unsure about what to do after a con concert when you’re itching for a beer? Go the the Paragon where you can get a discount on food if you show your student card.

10. Any student can have their own free concert on a Wednesday night that is
advertised on the Con Website. Just email con.concerts@sydney.edu.au to book

The Intercampus crew call this week’s article ‘Cumberland’s Secret Secrets’.

The Intercampus crew call this week’s article ‘Cumberland’s Secret Secrets’. Yes, that’s right. We thought we’d let you readers into some confidential matters of this elusive campus that we call Cumbo.

For any Cumbodians reading this: Yes, we can confirm that there ARE piano stairs. Located in K Block, it’s a sneaky flight of steps that only staff members and a handful of chosen students know about. Well not anymore. Not only does it make some funky piano tunes, but you can also choose some groovy default beats or harmonies to funk your way up/down the stairs. This is the future. You’re welcome, Cumbo.

Second on the agenda, the Secret Garden. What’s a swag campus without a Secret Garden? Take a walk down the meandering gravel path around B Block and you’ll come to an oasis of lush greenery. For some reason, not many people know about this haven so it’ll just be you spiritually connecting with the Lidcombe flora (and not to mention the abundance of persistent mosquitoes). There’s even a fountain too. Ooo… ahhhh… tranquillity…

One last helpful tip would be to keep your eyes peeled for the one week where the Cumbo coffee cart (bottom level of JDV) gives out $1 Hot Choc. What’s even better is that this deal normally happens around the wintery months of the year. So make sure you get your hands on that! What’s even better than extremely friendly Cumbo barista staff? ONE DOLLAR HOT CHOCOLATES.

So there you have it. Although Cumbo looks like a bare campus with nothing to hide except a freaking huge cemetery next to it, you should never judge a book, let alone a university campus, by its cover.

There’s more to USyd than just Camperdown. We have nine other campuses…

There’s more to USyd than just Camperdown. We have nine other campuses and thousands of proud USyd students who don’t call the sandstone halls of the Quad home. Are you one of these students? If so, the Intercampus Department is here for you. This year we’re going to do things a bit differently. Keep an eye out for us at your campuses because we’ll be around frequently as your representatives of the University of Sydney Student Representative Council. In previous years we feel that student services have been an exclusive Camperdown privilege. Despite the good work of many student activists, we want to ensure that all students, regardless of location, have the ability to access the amazing services that their SSAF pays for too. Get fired up SCA, Mallet, Cumbo, Con and Camden kids because we are thousands strong, we are proud Usyd students and we love our university, and it’s about time we got some of that sweet lovin’ back.

Our vision, our plan for 2015 is to make your SRC more accessible, more available, and more accountable to you, students of satellite campuses. Your campus should not determine your access. For the first time in too long, your Intercampus officers are Intercampus students, we study with you and we are familiar with your problems because they are our problems too. We are your link to your SRC so don’t be shy, come Holla at us. You now have the opportunity to bring up your issues to the SRC! So make sure to take up this advantage and all of the SRC services.

This year we will be:
•    Providing frequent meaningful consultations to your campuses
•    Bringing the SRC to you and ensuring that you get acquainted with your President and Executives
•    Delivering caseworkers and legal services to your campuses so you don’t have to make the trek out to Camperdown
•    Expanding Union events to your campuses
•    Fighting for the small things such as longer facility hours (e.g. libraries, practice rooms, studio rooms) and more frequent shuttle buses

Contact us via email on inter.campus@src.usyd.edu.au. You’ll also be seeing us around on your campus daily. So come say hi!


Your Intercampus Officers for 2015,

Jason, Mary, Mary and Fiona