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SRC Indigenous Officers Reports

Jackson Newell, Holly Kovac, & Akala Newman
Hey mob! Call out for Indigenous stories start now for next semester’s Indigenous edition of Honi Soit. We are happy to review any content written by Indigenous students as First preference, and also content relating to Indigenous Australian affairs. Also a call out for artwork submissions to be started for a potential cover. Send us your content or ideas to

Support the Grandmothers Against Removals (GMAR) National Gathering happening on May 26th.
GMAR was started in 2014 by First Nations community members who are directly affected by forced child removals. They are a community group that works to stop the ongoing Stolen Generations.
A delegation of First Nations Grandmothers from the movement to stop ongoing Stolen Generations will travel to Canberra to mark National Sorry Day next month on 26 May 2018. 10 years on from Rudd’s apology and it is clear that the atrocities of the past are being repeated. At present, the number of First Nations children forcibly removed from their families is higher than at any other point in history.

Indigenous Officer Report – Week 2, Sem 1, 2018

Jackson Newell, Holly Kovac and Akala Newman

G’day mob! Welcome back for another semester.

Over he last few weeks our Indigenous freshers have taken part in the amazing pre-uni prep Cadigan Program setting up all new undergraduate ATSI students to succeed in the first semester of uni. The hardest for all undergraduate student, but incredibly so for ATSI students who statistically are prone to unfortunately drop out across the following months. To all the mob, if you are experiencing doubts about uni, or are finding it challenging, get in touch with us or the Mana Yura team who will be able to help.

It’s great to see our fellow Indigenous students are up positions as mentors to new student, commonly the program is known as MOBS, and is another step the Mana Yura team has taken to ensure Indigenous undergraduate retention and success.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be planning for the year ahead. We’re hoping for more social and community activities and can’t wait to meet and see you all!

International Students’ Officers’ Report: Week 12, Sem 1, 2017

Zhixian Wang, Helena Ng Wai Ting, Yifan Kong and Wenxin Fang

This month has been a fruitful one for international student collective. The very first constitution of the collective has been finalised, and was implemented in the first election of the collective. Consequently, about 10 students were elected in the first election to work on several major issues outlined in the annual action plan.

After the massive sign-ups collected during Oweek, the awareness for the collective has been raised like never before. The collective has been recognized as a community for international students, therefore, more and more students are getting involved in the collective this semester.
At the beginning of the semester, four office bearers had a meeting and discussed the outline the details of our first constitution. The constitution is divided into several parts, important ones are electoral regulation and position descriptions.

Our first collective election took place on 4th April in Carslaw 173, the election was the first meeting which followed the new constitution. There were about 30 people signed up for the election and about 15 people went. 4 officer bearers were assigned to different duties: secretaries, grievance officer and treasurer. There are 4 departments divided by duties: event, marketing and special programs. There were 10 positions taken at the first election meeting.

Due to high demand, another round of interviews was held later on in SRC office. 5 students showed up in the second meeting after the election, we discussed some critical issues on special programs, precisely, we discuss the Honi Soit special edition with the president and after this conversation, more details on the concession opal card petition has also been discussed in the office.

This week, we are going to focus on the spending within the collective and make some decisions and plans regarding to the budget. We are currently planning an event for the collective to attend Jew revue, this will be our first social event of the collective.

Join our Facebook group ‘USYD International Students Collective’ and like our Facebook page ‘USyd International Students Collective’.

Indigenous Officer’s Report

Jackson Newell

Last report, I stated that the Koori Centre is trying to obtain a new printer for Indigenous students. I raised this issue at the Indigenous Strategy and Services Committee meeting around a month ago and was met with mostly positive reactions. I am continuing to speak with members of the Indigenous aid team, Mura Yura Student Support Services in relation to this issue.

I am currently considering our budget to the SRC General-Secretaries, and if there are any ideas you have that will advance community within the Collective that will need funding, please get in contact. I am currently re-instating ‘Koori Lunches’ as part of our SRC budget for one.
RECONCILIATION WEEK is THIS WEEK, 29 MAY – 3 JUNE. It’s great to see the university celebrating the need for Reconciliation and hosting a number of events, which can be found at (link includes bookings forms).

Events includes:

– Hands of Reconciliation interactive artwork, 10am – 4pm daily at the University lawns, Camperdown campus.
– 1967 Referendum – Implications for health then, now and in the future, Indigenous health discussion panel, Tuesday 30 May, 9am – 1pm (bookings essential).
– Jane Gleeson-White on ‘The Swan Book’ by Alexis Wright, literature discussion in land and country, Tuesday 30 May, 6:30 – 7:30pm (bookings essential).
– ‘Arts and Aboriginal Australia: decolonisation or reconciliation?’, discussion on ATSI museum collections, Wednesday 31 May, 6 – 7:30pm (bookings essential).

As always, any issues, contact me at

Indigenous Officer – Week 5, Sem 2, 2017

<strong>Indigenous Officer’s Report</strong>
<em>Jackson Newell</em>

This week, the Indigenous Strategy and Services Committee will meet, and it will be my first time attending the meeting as a voting member. Being the only student voice on the Committee, I do aim to represent all Indigenous students as best I can. One thing that has been a topic as of late in relation to the Koori Centre, has been the printer. I recently notified the President, and General-Secretaries that if the University will not provide the funds or provide limited funds, that the SRC, as part of the Indigenous budget will provide funds or provide additional funds for this.
Last week, an article was published in Honi by James Stratton, in relation to the University’s National Centre for Cultural Competency’s release of an online course which seeks to give students an enhanced learning of Indigenous culture and its role and place in contemporary Australia. I urge all students to take up this course when they can. Further comments on this are in last week’s article.

Any issues, shoot us an e-mail at

SRC Indigenous Officer’s Report – Week 2, Sem 1, 2017

Jackson Newell

G’day to all the Indigenous mob here at the University of Sydney.

Myself, along with the Indigenous support staff and older students are so happy to welcome you! This year will see a shake up to the collective. A re-energised and re-vitalised collective focusing on community. In previous years, many students have been put off by the highly politicised nature of the collective. This has seen a decline in engagement, which I want to see change and I will be working with all Indigenous units across our campuses to ensure this happens.

This year has seen yet another group of bright and talented Indigenous first years come through the university’s successful Cadigal program. This program seeks to set up mob with all the skills to achieve their full potential – and with a drop out rate alarmingly higher than non-Indigenous students, this program is certainly to the betterment of our first years who may come from The Block in Redfern or a remote community in Western Australia.

Stay in tune and look out for e-mails from our ATSI Student Transition and Retention team about further information and about Koori Lunches coming up soon.

If you are Indigenous and haven’t had contact with our teams, and want to be apart of the collective – shoot me an e-mail at

Indigenous Officer’s Report – Week 3, Sem , 2016

Georgia Mantle

“The past few weeks have been filled with a number of rallies. First we had the Sydney Black Lives Matter rally to stand in solidarity with Black Americans who still suffer under the oppression of white supremacy. As the rally was held in Australia it also included the suffering of Black and Indigenous Australians as the organisers demanded justice for the victims of death in custody, for the end of racist policy like the Northern Territory Intervention and a stop to the ongoing stolen generations. It was amazing to see a great turn out to this rally and to be able to listen to the inspiring speakers.

Last week Australia took to social media to express their disgust over the recent Four Corners expose of Don Dale Prison and it’s treatment of Indigenous children in detention. The sad thing about this is for Indigenous Australia this is nothing new, we have been talking about this for years yet it took white media to suddenly get people to listen and acknowledge the suffering. Last Saturday hundreds of people turned out to take stand against the injustice. We heard our strong Indigenous leaders speak about their suffering and devastation under the colonial system that is Australia that still sees it’s First Nations people pushed aside. We then all marched to parliament house to demand our “leaders” take real action and not just do a Royal Commission that will not lead to real change (See the last failure of a Royal Commission into deaths in custody)
Thursday was Aboriginal Children’s days and once again we took to the streets to protest against the on going removal of Indigenous Children and the suffering that occurs in out of home “care” the rally was organised by the amazing and inspiring ‘Grandmothers Against Removals’. It was heart breaking to hear the stories of these women’s experiences with having their children and grandchildren taken away from them.

A strong message that came through from these rallies was it is not enough to just come out and march in a reactionary way after seeing something like Four Corners rather what is needed is committed allies they listen and learn rather then assuming they know what is best.
Some upcoming events that may be of interest is, ‘Whiteness and Aboriginal Solidarity’ happening on the 11th of August at 7:30pm at the Waterloo Tent Embassy. “

Indigenous Officer’s Report – Week 9, Sem 1, 2016

Last week the collective put out our special Indigenous edition of Honi Soit we would like to thank all the Indigenous students who contributed and made the paper possible. Special thanks to Emily and Dean from Sydney College of the Arts who contributed their amazing art. We will be co-hosting a launch event with the Wom*n’s Collective in week 11, more details will follow.
The Collective has been having fortnightly meetings down in the Koori Centre Common Room every Tuesday. Our next meeting will be on the 3rd of May. We have also started monthly potlucks down in the Koori Centre on the Second Wednesday of every month.
The collective is busy organizing Reconciliation Week Events with the University and external Indigenous organisations. We are hoping to create a wide range of events open to all students to celebrate Indigenous history, culture and people. Keep your eyes peeled for more information about the week.
We would also like to promote a Justice Walk coming up this week on the 5th of May, Walk for
Justice for Colleen, Evelyn and Clinton is happening at Hyde Park Fountain at 10:30am. The walk is to demand justice for the the Indigenous victims of unsolved murders from the early 90’s.
As always if you want to know more about the collective please get in touch at:

Indigenous Officers’ Report – Week 1, Sem 1, 2016

Hello! My name is Georgia Mantle and I am one of the Indigenous Office Bearers for 2016. Before I begin my report I would like to acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land in which I am writing this report, the Gadigal people of the Eora nation. I am apart of the Gadigal mob which gives me great pride to live and work on the land of my people. I would like to welcome my Indigenous brothers and sisters to USYD and to this land as we start another year of study.
The Indigenous Collective is an autonomous collective group for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander students. My role and the role of my Co-Office Bearer Madison is to ensure that the voices of Indigenous students are being heard. This year we hope to hold regular collective meetings and events to really build the presence of Indigenous students across the campus.

Not only do I represent your voices to the Student Representative Council I also sit on SEG ATSISS which is the ‘Senior Executive Group for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Strategy and Services Committee. Sitting on this committee means I am able to voice the concerns of the Indigenous student body straight to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Indigenous Strategy and Services. If there are any issues that you believe need to be brought to this committee I will always take them to the meetings which happen monthly.

I would also like to mention that In Week 8 this semester the Indigenous student body has a chance to take over this whole paper! For the third year in a row we will be publishing ‘Indigenous Honi’ which will be a paper that centers on representing the voices of Indigenous people and issues affecting Indigenous people. An official call out will happen very soon but in the meantime start thinking of something you could contribute whether it be an article, a poem, or art.
This year I hope the Indigenous student body can mobilise around issues that affect us the most so we can ensure that our voices are heard and we are able to make effective change within the university and broader community.
If you have any questions about the Indigenous collective and how to get involved or you just want to chat send us a message at:

Georgia Mantle


ACAR Edition: Queer Department Report

Hilary Clinton once said that “being gay is not a western invention.” In many ways, she is wrong. Western society establishes heteronormative social relations, so that “being gay” (or lesbian, bi, pan, trans*, non-binary for that matter) has to be labelled and marked, to indicate that our identities fall outside of socially constructed norms. There are many non-western cultures that recognise and celebrate sexual and gender diversity in ways that western society does not, however western cultural hegemony white-washes this, with the extreme cases of this hegemony being in the form of colonisation. This is certainly the case in this country, as non-binary gender identities are a norm in many Indigenous cultures of Australia. Decolonisation of concepts of gender and sexuality is crucial if we are to have queer liberation, with this in mind, the Queer Action Collective strives to be intersectional. Although my own experiences as a queer person of colour in queer activist groups (including this one) as well as those of other queer people of colour have often found that these spaces are white dominated and erase our experiences, we are all learning to be more respectful of other voices and aware of the diversity of experiences that we bring together. This is a difficult yet empowering process, as we are all socialised to be racist, sexist, ablist and queerphobic.