General Secretaries Report – Week 1, Sem 2, 2019

Welcome back to Semester 2! We hope that everyone who went to Europe got some great Instagram photos, those that went skiing found some snow and everyone else who was stuck in Sydney had an enjoyable break. During this July break the General Secretaries have been working on a number of things.

Firstly, we have been working on the various events that will be held throughout semester 2 by the SRC, including Welcome Day, Welfare Week (organised by our Vice Presidents) as well as the 90th celebration of the SRC.
Secondly, we have been working alongside the current research officers who are conducting two student focused projects regarding Student Housing and Student Wellbeing respectively.

The research officers are about to publish a survey which we encourage every student to participate in. The survey will address both housing and wellbeing and is designed to provide the researchers with information regarding the current situations faced by students. The purpose is to build two final projects that articulate the issues faced by students and finding ways to solve the problems, by engaging with the main stakeholders- students.
During this period, we have also been working to assist staff members, changing a number of internal policies and updating a number of procedures. This is to ensure that the SRC is consistently providing the most efficient and effective service for students and providing ongoing support for the staff members who provide invaluable services to students on campus.

Finally, we are looking forward to supporting all collectives and departments in their various events, activism and representation throughout this semester. We hope that students continue to engage in these events and activist projects to unite, and fight for an outcome that improves the lives of all students.